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Good morning lovely Elves and adults too :-)


It must be Thursday - it's Mrs Mackell here!


Please see an overview for the day. I'm hoping we will have a full house for our Zoom sessions today smiley  The other activities and times are totally flexible based on what suits you as a family. 


We have come to the end of our unit on Addition and Subtraction. If you can, have a go at the mini assessment attached below. You do not have to print it out, you can talk through the questions with your child and jot them down. Let us know how you get on. Hopefully we will be back in school before we know it and this feedback will really help us. 

Our reflection theme this week is Understanding.

Dearest Elves,

We hope you know, especially in tricky times, that you are so loved. As we listen to some reflection music together during our first Zoom session of the day, understand how loved you are. 

Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick - True Colors (Lyric)

We'll listen to this during our Reflection time

10am English (Zoom)


Today we are going to find out what happens to Beegu! Let's see if your predictions were correct! Last week we discussed the author, Alexis Deacon. I thought it would be rather lovely if the end of the story was revealed to you by the author himself! So we will listen to Alexis Deacon reading 'Beegu' using the link below. Please wait until the lesson when we will all watch this together :-)


(Alexis Deacon finishes reading 'Beegu' at around 4:09 mins and then continues with a drawing Beegu masterclass. We will only be listening to the story during our Zoom lesson this morning but the drawing tutorial looks like great fun and is certainly one to go back to!)


11.30am Science ZOOM


So far in our Animals including Humans topic we have been thinking about what humans need to stay healthy:

heart Water

heart A healthy and balanced diet

heart Exercise

heart Sleep

heart Good hygiene

Last week we began learning more about this healthy and balanced diet. We are starting to understand the five different food groups - fruit and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, dairy and fats and oils. This week we are going to think a little more about hygiene. Let's start by watching this: (we are going to watch this from 3:21 mins onwards) 


We know how important it is to wash our hands properly.

When should we wash our hands?

I can think of at least eight times we should wash our hands! How many can you think of? We are going to brainstorm this together in our Zoom lesson and then your task will be present this information in a creative way. I will add our class brainstorm here after the lesson. 




Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

For SPaG this week we are going to be thinking about alliteration.


Can you remember what alliteration is?  Discuss with an adult!


Alliteration is when words start with the same sound. Read the tongue twister above. Most of the words in this tongue twister begin with s/sh. This makes it sound fun and catchy but tongue twisters like this can be tricky to say! Can you say the tongue twister without getting into a muddle?! 


Your task for today is to see if you can find a different tongue twister to share with me! Your adults at home might know some or you can research them together. You can either write your tongue twister down and illustrate it or send me a video of you saying it out loud! That would be wonderful! Tomorrow we will be coming up with our own alliterative tongue twisters. I've also attached some example tongue twisters below just in case. 



2.10pm EYFS & KS1 Assembly

2.45pm Storytime/quiet reading

Where does reading take you? There is a lovely local reading collaboration that celebrates reading and gives YOU the chance to be part of a unique piece of Folkestone Art, all about the magic of reading! Follow the link to find out more. It sounds so exciting! smiley