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Good Morning Unicorns!heart

What do you call a cow jumping on a trampoline?

A milk shake!.


Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and I am going to share some work from a fabulous author ‘Marcia Williams’- all linked to the work I have set for you English today.



The theme this week is Honesty


Morning Lessons


ArithmeticWelcome back to Mrs Jessup’s Museum of mistakes. Can you spot the errors and correct them?

LO: consolidate my understanding of finding a percentage of an amount.

Unicorns today I have set a few different challenges for you to try – of course you do not have to do them all. Just try your best and have a go! This is so you can just practise the skills we have been working on recently with finding percentages of an amount. There are also some fun True or False challenge card questions.

Extra Maths Zoom:

Unicorns, a small number of you have been invited to a Maths Zoom lesson today, which should help you – very similar to the boosters in school. This is at 10:30 am today via Zoom.

If you too are struggling with the Maths but have not been sent an invitation to join us then please email me: so I can add you to the group.



For something different with your spellings this week – why not try out this BBC Bitesize spelling quiz.



LO- to look at the work of the author ‘Marcia Williams’.

In Marcia’s books ‘Mr William Shakespeare’s plays’ Marcia uses a comic strip style to re-tell the famous plays and re-create the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of an Elizabethan theatre.

What did you think of this morning’s zoom? Do not worry if you missed it – I have everything you need here.


Can you re-tell the story of Macbeth in a comic strip style? You can either look at page 8 and 9 of the Marcia Williams activity sheets I have saved for you. Or you can have a go at your own comic strip. You do not need to re-tell the whole story- you could do your favourite scene or part of the play. Be as creative as you like. I have attached a blank comic strip from Twinkl that you can print and use if you need to.


Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch – hope to see many of your lovely faces. Today we will be sharing Fin’s amazing Tudor Quiz – so do not miss it!


Afternoon Lessons.

The Tudors.

Similar to last week, I have saved a few activities all about ‘The Tudors’ for you to have a go at this afternoon, you can do as many as you like! Remember- anything you do and would like to share please email to me:


Now Unicorns do not be shy! What about a spot of Tudor dancing? Follow the link and check out the Tudor dancing -

Why not have a go? Can you make up a Tudor dance of your own?


Design and Technology:

Follow this link for the instructions to try out some Tudor house building craft -



To begin with you will need to follow this link to do a little reading up on Sir Francis Drake -

Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to sail around the world. Plot his journey  on a map of the world?


Explore health and medicines in Tudor times. Listen to this clip from the BBC school radio

‘Poor Mans medicines’ – Can you answer this key question:

Did King Henry VIII have a healthy lifestyle? What advice would you give him?



Can you make a Tudor Family Tree?



I hope you enjoyed another fun Tudor-Themed afternoon! Remember to send in your work to me – I love to see what you have been getting up to.laugh

Mrs Jessup. xx