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Saint Teresa of Calcutta


  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta (also known as Mother Teresa) was born in Skopje, Macedonia on 26th August 1910.   She died in 1997 aged 87 years old.
  • Her Family were deeply religious and were dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church.  They did a lot to help the less fortunate in their community and this then shaped the way that Mother Teresa lived her own life.
  • Mother Teresa became a Roman Catholic nun and devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world.
  • She spent many years in Calcutta, India where she founded the 'Missionaries of Charity' - a religious congregation devoted to helping those in need.
  • Mother Teresa was a nurse, a teacher, a friend, she was kind, helpful and always thought of others.






Hobbits used role play to show aspects of Saint Teresa's life