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Good Morning Unicornsheart

Did you know?

Clouds look white because they are reflecting sunlight from above them.



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom lesson – this morning we shall start the day together with our reflection. Next we will move on to today’s Arithmetic session – Live!



The theme this week is compassion.

Let’s think about if it is ever hard to show compassion?



KS2 assembly begins at 9:40am over Zoom this morning.


Morning Lessons



Well done to everyone who stayed to join this morning’s arithmetic session in the 9:00am Zoom – you will be well prepared for this lesson.


LO: to find the fraction of a whole.

Begin by watching this video from White Rose – remember to stop/pause the video when you are asked a question: ‘Fractions of an amount- Find the whole’

There are two worksheets for you to choose from today after completing the video. It is up to you which one you complete – choose the one that you think best suits your learning needs. As always the White Rose sheet from the video comes with answers too.



Can you find these words in the dictionary and write up their definitions?

  • Ambitious:
  • Guilt:
  • Prophesy (verb):
  • Prophecy (noun):
  • Suspicious:



Take a look at the original Shakespeare text below – Where Banquo describes the Witches for the first time.


“What are these So withered and so wild in their attire That look not like the inhabitants of the earth And yet are on it? Live you? Or are you aught that man may question? You seem to understand me by each at once her choppy finger laying Upon her skinny lips. You should be women And yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so”


What images does this put in your head? (Remember to check for any word meanings you don’t know in a dictionary). Today we are going to think about how we can describe the three witches.

On a piece of paper can you write down adjectives and similes to describe a witch?

Example: Her grotesque, rotting black teeth like crooked grave stones.  

Adjective – grotesque. Simile – like crooked grave stones.

Challenge yourself further by using alliteration and a metaphor in your description.

Alliteration – dull, deadly pale skin.  Metaphor – Her hair was barbed wire around her head.

Task: Write your own detailed descriptions of the witches.


Tip: Look here for a little recap on ‘Metaphors and Similes’



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. Today I shall be reading to you from Leon Garfield’s ‘Shakespeare’s Stories’. There will be lots of discussion about the opening scenes from Macbeth which will be very useful for your English lessons.


Afternoon Lessons


Today we are starting a new Science unit ‘Light’ – to begin I would like to know what you know already about light? I have attached a KWL grid in today’s documents. Can you complete the first two columns for me: K- What I know? And W- What I want to know?

Take a look at this clip from BBC Bitesize:

Let’s start by finding out what you know about sources of light. How many different sources of light can you see now? Or can you find in your house? Can you see any when you look out your window?

LO: to recognise different sources of light.

Complete the worksheet saved at the bottom called ‘Lesson 1 – Light pictures’. Your task is to sort the images into the correct place on the table.



LO:  select, use and combine the appropriate technology tools to create effect.

Unicorns I would like you to create your own quiz all about William Shakespeare – you can decide what computer program you would like to share this on – the most impressive quiz maker will be able to share their work with the whole class over Zoom! Who knows – we may have more than one.


Hope you have all had a super day – See you tomorrow at 9:00am.

Mrs Jessup. xx