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Today is our last day of focus on prayer before we change it next week. We are going to come back round today to the 5 finger prayer we shared on Monday. I would like you to create a your own 5 finger prayer again. You could write it down today to remind yourself of it in the future.


This week we are going to go back in time to last term before Christmas. We explored fronted adverbials. We explored how they are used as a sentence opener for a range of different reasons and effects. There is a great recap video here.


What are fronted adverbials? | Oxford Owl

Learn how and when to use adverbials for time, place, manner or number. Perfect to help with grammar homework

After recapping what they are there is also a great powerpoint to help review what a fronted adverbial is here as well.
After you have refreshed your brains on fronted adverbials there are a few activities below for you to try as well as a word mat to support you.


Today we are going to carry  on with our work on multiplication and division. We are exploring dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number again. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number further.


We are going to extend the animals work that we started last week with pets and move more into the countryside, we are looking today at farm animals. Follow the link below to the french games webiste to learn and explore farm animals. After you have done the learning section there is also a games and test section to try out.


After you have had a go at these there is the sheet below, you must match the animal picture, to the french nounand then to the english noun.

Finally your last challenge of the day is to create your own word mat to help you in the future. You mat can be hand drawn, made on the computer , collaged ... the choice is completely up to you. Just remember you need a picture, the french noun and the english noun.



Well done for another week Dragons, you have been great again! Have the best weekends you can I will see you all on Monday at 9am for reflection.


Keep safe and well,


Mr Potts x