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Hi Griffins!


I hope you had a lovely half term holiday!  What did you do?  I hope you did some fun things and also enjoyed some rest and relaxation time too!


I'm so looking forward to the term ahead when (we found out after the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday), we are going to be able to return to school and learn together in the classroom once again!  It will be great and I am so looking forward to meeting you all properly in person!


So two more weeks of remote learning - today and tomorrow and then next week (and next week is Book Week so lots of fun activities next week) and then we will be back in school!


How have you been getting on with your moon observations homework?  Have you been remembering to look up at the moon each night and record its shape?  I wonder if you have been able to identify the different phases of the moon?




And also - Paper Beach.....only 4 days left to submit your entry!  Entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday (28th February).  Remember if we are the school with the most entries we will win prizes for our school so please submit an entry and remember to include our school name when you submit your entry.


Here's the entry details:








The theme for this week's Reflection is Strength


“The Lord is my strength and my shield.

In him my heart trusts.”    

                                                          Psalm 28:7


We have all had to show Strength during the Pandemic haven't we? - When so many things that we were so familiar with had to change in order to keep people safe.  What did you find hard and how did you get the strength to deal with the challenges and get through?  

As you listen to the music today, think of the things that you have found hard and times when you have had to be strong, think of those who you turned to and how they helped you.  Feel proud of your strength and thankful to those who helped you.


Song: 'Faith's Song' -




Don't forget Music and KS2 Assembly today!


Music - 12pm on Zoom



KS2 Assembly - 2.40pm on Zoom


If you are unsure of the Zoom codes or links, please let us know. 

Remember it's important to be part of your music lesson and also the assembly so please be there if you can.  Let's see if we can break our record for the number of Griffins at the music lesson today!!


Maths - Fractions


This week's lessons are from Spring Term, Week 7 -  Number: Fractions


Please watch the video 'Subtract Fractions' and complete the questions.  Then use the answers to mark your work.





English - Reading Comprehension: Non Fiction - Rebecca Adlington



Rebecca Adlington is a swimmer who has represented Great Britain in many international competitions including the Olympic Games.

In this text you will find out about her childhood and family as well as her swimming career.

Read the text carefully and then complete as many of the follow up questions and activities as you can (at least the first two tasks please - Follow Up Questions and Vocab task 1).  The answers are at the bottom of the document for you to mark your answers afterwards.

French - Tell the Time to the Hour



Quelle heure est - il?

What time is it?


To tell the time in French you need to know your numbers in French - today practise saying the numbers 1 to 11 in French:

(you only need to practise up to 11 as you will only be saying the time up to 11 o'clock, there is a special word for midday and midnight!)


The video below will teach you how to say the time from 1 o'clock to 11 o'clock.  How do you say 'It is midday' or 'It is midnight'?  Listen carefully! 

Watch the video up to 2:00 minutes only


How to tell the time in French:


Can you remember the key question?


"What time is it?"

"Quelle heure est il?"


And how do you answer?


"Il est (number) heure"

"It is (number) o'clock"


Il est une heure = It is one o'clock


Practise asking what the time is in French (Quelle heure est il?) with someone else at home.  Can they ask you the time in French (Quelle heure est il?) and can you reply in French (Il est ..... heure/s).


After that maybe you could write down your conversation?  Writing the question (Quelle heure est il?) and the possible answers. Can you remember how to say "It is midday" or "It is midnight"?  Look back at the video if you can't remember!



Bonne chance!!   (Good luck!)