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Well done!

Well done to those children who had a special mention in yesterday's KS2 Celebration assembly.  This week those with a special mention were:


Kimi, Mayson, Lottie and all the UniGriff readers in Mass!  Well done!



Well done to everyone else too!  Everyone is doing so well during these challenging and unusual times.




This week's theme for Reflection is Honesty


“Do that which is honest.” 

2 Corinthians  13:7


I have another story about Honesty to share with you this morning - today's story is called 'Honesty Pays - The Seed'.

I wonder what this story will teach us about honesty and let's think about how God can help us to make good choices.



Paper Beach Competition - 17 days left to get your entries in!!!


If you haven't done so already - get your entry complete and sent in for a chance to be part of this exciting local competition.  


Readers anywhere, young and old can join in and share their love of reading, be it fiction or nonfiction! Handwrite, type or draw your answer  to the question ‘Where does reading take you?’ on an A4 piece of paper. Email your entry to to be part of a giant artwork.  Write as little or as much as you like as long as it fits on a single sheet of A4 paper. It’s so easy to get involved!


Full entry details can be found on the school website here:


And also on Mrs Langley's instruction sheet that she shared with you a few weeks ago.  I've put the sheet below in case you need it!


Remember all family members (including grown ups!) can submit entries.


Let's make Stella Maris the top of the leader board with the most entries from our school!  There are prizes to be won!!






This week's maths lessons are from Spring Term Week 6 - Number: Fractions.


Please watch the video 'Add 3 or more Fractions', remember you can pause the video at any point in order to make notes or work out an answer.  Once you have watched the video please work through the questions and then use the answers to mark your work afterwards.





English - SPAG

Expanded Noun Phrases - Step 2: Concise Noun Phrases


Within our unit of  'Expanded Noun Phrases' for English; SPAG, we now move to Step 2: Concise Noun Phrases



Below you will find a PowerPoint to go through (also in PDF format) and then your questions and answers to mark your work afterwards.  Remember to either choose 'a' or 'b' questions.



Science - Earth and Space

How does the shape of the Moon appear to change over time?


I'm sure that you have all noticed that the shape of the Moon changes?  When you look up into the night sky the shape of the moon is not always the same - sometimes it is a full circle shape, sometimes it is a semi-circle shape, sometimes it is really thin like a crescent shape......but why? 

How does this happen? 

 - Is it because bits of the moon fall off and then grow back?!

- IS it because the moon can only be seen at night?

- Is it because we have several different moons - all of which are different shapes?


Well, I can tell you that none of the above are correct!!!


The video links below will tell you all about how the shape of the moon appears to change over time.



So, can you remember how many phases there are?  Can you remember any of the names of the phases of the moon?


Once, you've watched the videos and you think you can remember there is an activity sheet below.  Please use the activity sheet to draw the shape of the moon in each of the phases.




I have a small task for you to do over the next month!  Yes a month!  This task needs to be done each day for one month?  Why a month I wonder?  How is 'Month' and 'Moon' related?  -  YES! That's takes the moon approximately one month (28 days) to fully orbit the Earth.


So, each night for one month (28 days) I would like you to look up at the moon and note its shape - can you notice the shape of the moon changing as the days pass?  Hopefully you will start to see the phases of the moon for yourself!  Can you see when it is a Full Moon, a Gibbous Moon, Crescent Moon.......?


Use the sheet below to record your findings and once the task is complete we can share our findings!  Happy Moon-Watching!


(note: you will see that the sheet says '1st, 2nd, 3rd etc....) this can be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc day of your recording - you don't need to start on the first day of the new month - you can start tonight if you like!)





Happy Half Term!!

Well done for all your hard work this term - we hope that you have a lovely break.


Stay safe (remember what you know about staying safe online and in the real world) and we look forward to seeing you next term.


From Mrs Record, Mrs Langley and all of the Stella Maris family.