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Hello Griffins!

Mrs Record here!  It was so lovely to see you on Monday's Zoom call with Mrs Langley and I look forward to seeing you for our Zoom meetings later today (9am and 1.30pm).

At 12pm today you have a music lesson via Zoom and at 2.30pm you have KS2 Assembly via Zoom - so lots of 'Zooming' today!  Have fun!


I have put today's work on this page for you, remember if you have any questions about anything set for you today or tomorrow (Friday) email me at; your parents can email me too if they have any questions/queries and I will get back to you within one week (but hopefully sooner!).



"Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world!"

During reflection and when you are listening to the song, think about times when you have smiled; what made you smile and what effect did your smile have on others?  Have you smiled yet today?  If so, how did it make you and others feel?  Think about the day ahead, try to smile at least 10 times (if not more!)  If things are hard, try not to let it stop you smiling!  Your smile can affect the people around you so much, so do it as much as possible! 



Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams.

Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Lessons this week from Spring Term – Week 2

Please watch the video for Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits and then work through the questions on the worksheet below, recording your answers in your remote learning book.






For today's English you have a text to read and then some questions to answer (reading comprehension).


Polar Creatures

The North and South Poles are the coldest places on Earth.  The Arctic is near the North Pole and the Antarctic is near the South Pole.  Read the text to learn about Polar Creatures who have adapted to live in these extreme conditions and climates then complete the comprehension questions/activities.  There are answers at the bottom of the document so that you can check your answers after you have written them (not before!)  You don’t need to print the document out, you can read the text on your computer/device and then write your answers in your book.

I have included two versions of the text - 'Tricky' and 'Genius'!  If 'Genius' is a bit too challenging, try 'Tricky' instead.  Choose the one you are most comfortable reading and understanding.



Les planètes du système solaire


Do you know the names of the 8 planets in our Solar System?  Do you know a rhyme to help you to remember their names e.g.

My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos

Or maybe…….

My Very Easy Method: Just SUN


In today’s French lesson you will learn how to say the names of the 8 planets in French!

Look at the PowerPoint Presentation and then complete the activity sheet (note the PowerPoint includes the planet Pluto which is officially no longer included as it is now known as a ’Dwarf planet’)