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Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”


Matthew 21:22“Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Matthew 21:22



You can see the input for this lesson on Zoom at 9.30 (details of log in have been sent on the App).

Learning Objective: I can count one more and one less.

Mrs F Resources - on Zoom have thirteen cubes and bag of sweets with one more stuck in. Then one goes missing.


After our Zoom lesson have a look at the Count One More One Less Video and pause when instructed to answer the questions. 

(The worksheet is at the bottom of this page.)



Today’s phonics session will be at 11am on Zoom.  Please see log in details that were sent in an App message.



Learning Objective: I can write instructions.

Listen to the story Paddington and the Marmalade Maze.  Write some instructions to direct someone from one place to another.  You could start with “First you need to walk straight ahead.”  “Turn left …” etc. You could direct somebody from downstairs to upstairs or to the shop down the road. “First” and “Turn” when used in instructions are bossy verbs.



Learning Objective: I can find my way around a keyboard.



Last term the Pixies began to learn where the letters are on a keyboard. 

Have another practise, either on a laptop or PC or on the keyboard function of an iPad. By developing your keyboard skills you will be able to move on quickly and be more prepared for future learning.