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Remember you are showered in God’s love – it is all around.

Say a prayer for the lonely.



Zoom music starts today with Duncan 10:00am-10:40am - Don't miss out! See app messages for Zoom details. laugh



Log in to TT Rockstars and have a play!laugh Why not challenge yourself whilst playing this song -

If you need your log on please just email me.

It’s a new term – which means one thing – new Arithmetic tests. Yay! I think I can hear you all cheering from here. This term it will be 20 questions for you to answer. Try to spend no longer than 25 minutes on this task. If you need longer to answer all the questions then that is okay. Maybe make a note of your time so you can track it at home. 

Is there anything you found very tricky? Email me with some suggestions of what you would like us to work on over the next few weeks.yes



You will have some fun with this one – use an adjective and a noun to make your own Shakespearean insults. I have saved the worksheet below for you.

Take some time to read from your own book at home – spend at least 30 minutes on this.


Afternoon activities:

Choose one or two activities from the grid for your afternoon learning.


I hope you have all had a good week - I have missed being in the classroom with you all. Remember to stay in touch as best you can, keep safe and keep smiling. We shall all be reunited soon. I will see you all 'virtually' next week. Keep an eye out for app messages sent out with all future zoom details. heart

Love, Mrs Jessup. xx