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The theme for our Reflections this week is Forgiveness


“The Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.” 

                                                                                                                             Colossians 3:13



As you listen to this morning's music think about the words above and the words from Colossians 3 v 13.  We will end our reflection in prayer - asking for God's help to make us loving, strong, forgiving people.





This week's maths comes from Spring Term, Week 8 - Number; Fractions


Watch the video 'Multiply Non-Unit Fractions by an Integer' and answer the questions on the question sheet.  You can then use the answers to mark your work.




Today's 'Share a Story Live' Event is Books and the Real World


Click on the link below to join today's event live at 10.30am


English - Reading Comprehension

'Plans for 'London Resort' Theme Park Announced'


Did you know that there are plans to build an enormous theme park on the banks of the River Thames in Kent?!  The theme park will have six different lands and will be made up of hotels, food halls, water parks and rides!!


Read the information sheet to find out more and then answer the comprehension questions!  Use the answer sheet to mark your answers afterwards - the answers for this reading comprehension are on the first page of the answer document and say 'Plans for 'London Resort' Theme Park Announced 'in the top right corner.

Book Week Afternoon Activity

This week for Book Week our whole school text has been 'The World Made a Rainbow' by Michelle Robinson.

Watch the story being read using this link:


Challenge:  Can you create your own rainbow on a piece of plain paper?  Your paper should be a minimum of A4 and a maximum of A3 in size.  You can choose the materials you will use to create your rainbow - you could colour your rainbow with coloured pens or pencils, you could paint it, you could use collage with coloured paper cut from magazines, you could even use pieces of material - be as creative as you like!


Type 'Craft Rainbow' into Google (or any online search engine) and click 'images' for lots of great ideas for creating rainbows with simple craft materials!


Please bring your rainbows in to school next week - once we are all back in school, we will do a piece of writing to go with our rainbows that might be used for a whole school display!

You might also like to have a go at making a book character potato!


So with one potato (any size will do although it might be easier with a large potato) you can use simple craft materials such as paint, paper and glue that you have at home to create a book character from your potato!


If you do make one, please either bring it in to school next week or take a photograph of it and send it to me or to Mrs Langley, we would love to see them!


I wonder if any of you will make your potato into Where's Wally like this!!

Here are some other ideas too!


We hope that you enjoyed Book Week this week!



Remember you can watch Stella Maris Staff reading some of their favourite books to you at:


And these are the additional World Book Day activities that I shared on yesterday's page if there are some that you haven't completed and would like to!