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What did one plate say to the other plate?

Dinner is on me!



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and look at the day we have planned and we can start our Arithmetic session together! 



The theme this week is prayer.


Morning Lessons


Arithmetic – Long Multiplication

748 x 4 =

748 x 8 =

748 x 48 =

562 x 7 =

562 x 17

562 x 27 =


LO: to revise methods of short division and long division.

Similar, to what we did Monday with multiplication – today we are revising methods for division. Follow this link for today’s videos: Can you focus on the following videos ‘Short Division’ (Video 3) and ‘Long Division (1)’ (Video 4). Remember to stop and pause the videos when asked to do so.


I have saved the supporting worksheets for today’s Maths videos below along with the answer sheets so that you can mark your work once you have completed it. Please do not worry about completing both worksheets Unicorns – just see how you get on.



Revision of using inverted commas “speech marks” and the differences between direct and indirect speech. I have saved two PowerPoints for you in ‘Todays Documents’ found below. One from PiXL and the other Twinkl. Read through to refresh your memory. You will need this for your next English task over today and tomorrow.  





LO: to plan a newspaper article.

Activity: You may have guessed it but I would like you to plan a newspaper article covering the story of King Duncan’s murder. Watch back Episode 3 of the Shakespeare animations carefully (find the link on yesterday’s plans). How do you want to cover the story, remember, you have to write the report like you do not know who the murderer is! Follow this link which short take you into details of the features of a newspaper report and how to write one:


Now you need to plan your newspaper report: I have saved some planning formats at the bottom of the page for you. However, of course – you do not need to print these and you can always design your own.



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch.


Afternoon Lesson.


LO: explore the work of an artist to influence and develop your own ideas.

During Tudor times, portraits were used to pass on a particular message to people at home and abroad. They were used to show what a person’s character was like, as it was thought back then that appearance reflected character. Portraits were used to display power, intention, wealth and status.

Look at the work of Hans Holbein. Holbein was known as the royal painter to King Henry VIII. He would often paint objects in the background of portraits, which symbolised that person’s status.


Look at three examples of Holbein’s work:

What can you see in the portrait? What do you think each painting tells about the person? What do you like? What do you not like?


Follow this link to see more of Hans Holbein’s work: there are many portraits from the Tudor Times.



I would really like you to work on a portrait of your own. Moreover, I really want you to have as much choice as possible – however you are going to develop your ideas to have a go at your own self-portrait. I have seen some good ideas online but it is up to you whether you wanted to have a go at a more historical self-portrait style – similar to Holbein. Or use Holbein’s influence but with a modern twist.

  1. Idea one – a class Tudor Self- Portrait – like you are a King, Queen, Lord or Lady. Draw yourself with all the Tudor finery of the time. What message do you want to give out? How will you show your wealth, power or status in society?
  2. Idea two – a modern twist draw a self-portrait of yourself. Surrounding yourself with things that are symbolic or important to you.
  3. Maybe you have an idea of your own. Go for it?

Here are some examples of my suggestions:


This work might take some time for you to complete until you are entirely happy with it. Take your time – and enjoy it. I cannot wait to see the results. Please remember to send me photos of your wonderful self-portraits when they are finished:


Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! I hope you have all enjoyed today's learning. 

Mrs Jessup. xx