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Good morning lovely Griffins! Only one week to go before we get to be back together at Stella Maris! I am very excited to see you and will be counting down the days!


It's Book Week at Stella Maris this week! We have so many special activities for you to do. We will start the day with arithmetic, Maths and English as per usual but every afternoon session this week will be based on books in some way!


Remember we are being rainbows for Wacky Wednesday! Dress in bright colours or use face-paint. It's our last Wacky Wednesday so have fun with it!


On Thursday you will be off time-table all day for loads of reading, writing and book fun! Remember to dress up in some way for the celebration assembly on Thursday. You could paint your face as a character from a book or make a paper hat based on your favourite novel.


Please join us on our Zoom learning sessions at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm each day.





This weeks theme for reflection is 'forgiveness'. As you listen to the music today please think about forgiving someone for a wrong doing. Forgiveness can help you overcome feelings of anger and sadness, and can lead you to a happier spot! 


Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams.

Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Lessons this week from Spring Term – Week 8, Number: Fractions.

Please watch the video for 'Subtraction breaking the whole' and then work through the questions on the worksheet below, recording your answers in your remote learning book.

Video link:

World Book Week activity