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Todays reflection prayer is based on the life and teachings of our class saint, Saint Albert the Great. Be calm and quiet as you say the prayer and repare yourself for the day to come.


Today I am sharing with you the text that accompanies the image we have explored over the last two days. The picture of the text is below.


We will start the session as we have been doing with a read through the text, you can do this with an adult, by yourself or a mixture of both. Then create your unknown vocabulary list and find the definitions for these words. For a extra challenge, you could try to use the words you have identified into news sentences of your own.


We are going to work on inference skills in our guided reading time. Inference is the skill of think about why

someone is feeling in a certain way, why someone is acting in a certain or why someone has done something.

The answers are not found in the text for inference, they are thinking and deciding questions.


Have a go at these inference questions below:

1) What does ship and stores gone mean?

2) Why did they only manage to move less than a mile on the first day?

3)Explain why Shackleton wanted them to believe they would survive?

4)What do you think the author meant when they wrote "Shackleton looked around at his men's tired, anxious faces."

5)How does "a thick, fat floe..." make you feel for the men?


Today we are going to carry  on with our work on multiplication and division. We are exploring dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

Topic and Project

We have got a few different projects to have a go at today all linked to our theme of Antarctic explorattion.


Task 1

The equipment and clothing needed to survive in the cold, life threatening conditions of that Antarctic have to be suitable and capable of keeping people alive as well as safe. Since the time of Shackleton's expeditions to now clothing and equipment have changed greatly. 

The link below is for the Scott Polar Research Institute and the their museum catalog of Antarctica items.

They have both old and modern equipment in their collection for you to look at and explore. In the Youtube video below there is also a discussion and presentation on the equipment needed to explore Antarctica.

What Do Antarctic Explorers Wear? (Then and Now!) | Maddie Moate

Join me at the Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to find out first hand what Antarctic Explorers wore over 100 years ago!

Your task with the link to the SPRI and the video from Maddie from the SPRI is to create a comparison of old and new equipment needed to explore the Antarctic. You could compare materials used to create things, could compare styles of equipment, have they stopped using some equipment and started using others? Your comparison needs to look for things that are similar between the older and newer equipment as well as what is different.


Task 2

Your second task is an art project idea. The ice floes of Antarctica can be dangerous but also very beautiful and very unique each time you look at it. Here are some examples of the ice floe:


I would like you to create some ice floe artwork. You could create a model out of things at home such as lego, you could paint it, you could collage it, you can do a pencil drawing, the choice is completely up to you how to create your ice floe art work.


If you are struggling for inspiration then there is a method you could try in the document below.

Task 3

When you are exploring Antarctica you can get tired very quickly as it is hard work. You can not take a house with you as that would be to heavy and not very practical! What would you take with you to survive in the Antarctic when you need to sleep? I would like you to design a tent or shelter that you would take to the Antarctic on an expedition. Your design needs to be clear, accurate and labelled. Here are some pictures to help and guide your choices.