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Good morning Elves and Happy Friday!

heart Well done lovely Elves, you have made it to the end of your first week of remote learning. We are so incredibly proud of you. You have listened so carefully and you have got the hang of Zoom lessons in no time at all! Thank you all for being such superstars. 


smiley Above is a timetable for the day so you can see it at a glance. If you would like to do Reflection with your family today - I will see you at 10am for our English lesson. 

Daily reflection and music

Our reflection theme for this week is Compassion. Listen carefully to the lyrics of this song which is all about love. How can you show the important people in your life that you LOVE them? Don't forget about those that you are not able to see right now - how can you make them feel loved and treasured?



Get your minds ready for Maths by singing and dance along to this 2 x table routine!


For your main Maths learning today, please select the last video on this page (Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2 digit number crossing 10 activity)




10am English (ZOOM)

We are going to read up to pg9 today...


She needed to find some new friends.


Where could she look for some new friends? Today we are going to be making predictions about what is going to happen next. Talk to somebody at home about what you think is going to happen next in the story using the sentence starter:


I predict that


smiley Don't forget capital letters and . ! ? ,

smiley Start your sentences in different ways

smiley Use interesting words and make your writing fun!

smiley Illustrate your ideas


11.30am Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar ZOOM

PE/Outdoor learning

In school on a Friday afternoon you would normally be doing PE. We would really like it if on Friday afternoons you get outside for some fresh air and to stretch your legs in your local area or garden.


It can be very tempting to stay at home in the warm and dry during these Winter months but spending time outdoors is so good for physical and mental health. Sometimes it helps to have a "reason" for going outside. Perhaps you could pick an idea from the following:


enlightenedGo on a hunt for hibernating snails that are sleeping this Winter. See if you can find any but remember to leave them be. If you find one perhaps you could give it a name!


enlightenedLast year we learnt about evergreen plants (they have leaves all year round). Can you find any? Keep your eyes peeled for holly and ivy!


enlightenedDraw a map of a favourite walk in your local area that can be shared with others. 


If you can't get outside this afternoon, here is a link to a fun Space themed cosmic yoga video:


I hope you have enjoyed this week. Don't forget to send any learning into


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Have a very well earned break. 


Mrs Mackell xxx