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Today we are continuing with our theme of understanding in reflection. What does it mean to be understanding? How can we be more understanding at this time?


Today we are beginning to look at a new area of maths, the area of an object or a shape. Today we continuing to explore counting squares to calculate area. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand counting squares to calculate area.


We are going back to Ice Trap! Today we are looking at the next stage of the story. Have a look at the pictures below now. As you read the page remember to explore any unknown or new language. Record it, dictionary it and then try to use it in a sentence.

In the main picture, we can clearly see three men eating, drinking and talking. What do you think they are talking about? Mind map some topics and themes they maybe talking about. How do you think they are saying these things to each other? What speech verbs can you think of that would go with what is being said?


How do the mean look as well? Do they seem worried? Calm? Stressed? Happy? Create a list of other emotions you think the crew maybe feeling based on the picture.


Following on from our learning yesterday on speech in SPAG I would like you to create a conversation between the three men. You will need:

-direct speech

-to give the men names

-a range of speech verbs


Remember that the reporting clause can go at the front of speech, in the middle of what is said or at the end of speech. Below are examples of each of these.


"Good Morning Bernard!" called out Old Burt as he emerged from his tent.

Bernard grumpily replied, "as good as any we have had recently."

"That is true," sighed Old Burt, "but at least we are still alive."


Have a go for yourself. Below is the speech poster from yesterday as well as a speech verb word mat to help you out.


We are going to carry on with our coding module and continue to explore scratch some more. Last week further explored making Sprite move around the screen using key press commands. Scratch can be found at the link here


Today we are going to add to the key press command we learnt last week and explore appearing and disappearing as well as chaining multiple commands together.


We are going to use the key press event today again. Along side these we are going to use the hide and show looks, the wait [ ] seconds control and the play sound sound. You can see all of these in the picture below.

These commands can chain together to make Sprite disappear and reappear on a click. Have a go and see if you can work out what the word is. Explore changing the time for how long he disappears as well as changing the sound he makes as well.