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Dear Unicorns, 


I think it is really important that we spend these first three days settling in to our new challenges and adapting to remote learning. Even I have got to adjust how I work - remember, we can do this togetherheart. I know Bertie will be very excited to see some of you over zoom in the next few weeks - Bertie will be beginning his own home- schooling too!laugh

This week I have set Maths and English for each day but the afternoons will be slightly different, I have created an activity grid with a variety of subject activities for you to choose from. From next week our learning will be slightly more formal, I hope to create a timetable and of course arrange lots of zooms to see you all and share our learning together. 

Hope you all have a good first day! Remember I am here to help you so please email me if you need: 




“ Focus on the good”

Spend 5 minutes to reflect on the good- listen to a song of your choice if you wish or just enjoy some quiet time.

At the end of your reflection list all the wonderful things in your like you are grateful for.



Today we are going to continue with the learning that we had started on Monday, ‘Adding and Subtracting Fractions’. For those of you who were not in please do not panic, we have just recapped some of our Maths learning from before Christmas. Today I would like you to watch the video ‘Add and Subtract Fractions (2)’ (Autumn Week 10 – Number: Fractions) Please follow this link:

Pause the video when it tells you to and have a go at some of the questions on your own. When the video is finished you can have a go at the supporting worksheet. I have also attached the answer sheet – but remember, that’s only for when you have finished. laugh



Make sure you have a book that you can read at home – spend 30 minutes reading your own book today.

This term our new project is ‘London’ and it will be until Easter.


This term we were due to start a new book but I have decided to save this for when we return to school. The book we will be working on this term shall be revealed on Monday- in fact it’s not a book, but a play!  

But here is a clue… I would like you to do a little research on the famous author. His name is…

William Shakespeare. I am sure you have all heard of him before?

Take notes from the clip and listen carefully. After can you do the following:

  • Use your notes as the starting point of your own research.
  • Do you have any questions – write them down, what would you like to learn about him?
  • Can you create a timeline of any key dates or events from William Shakespeare’s life?


Afternoon activities:

For this week only I have created a foundation subject activity grid for you to choose one or two subject activities to have a go at. Can I suggest you all have a go at the RE one – as it will really prepare us for our reflections this term. Thank you Unicorns.


I hope you have all had a good day - remember to email me if you are stuck, if you have questions, would like to send photos or even if you would just like a chat. I am here to help you. 


Love, Mrs Jessup. xx