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In keeping with our theme this week, prayer, I have shared the Lord's Prayer for you to say and share together at home. Also there is a musical version if you would like to listen to it during your reflection.

The Lords Prayer - Cliff Richards (with Lyrics)


Today we are going to share the focus all together in our zoom. We are going to take our learning in English over two days.


Today we are looking at the illustration for the next section of our story. Have a look at the image below. This shows the next part of the story. What do you think is happening? Who are the characters being shown? What are they doing? Where are they? What has happened before? The main important question for our learning moving forward is what is going to happen next? Tomorrow we are going to pretend to be the author, Meredith Hooper, and write the next part of the story.


Today however, your task is to map out the next part of the story. We are not going to tell the whole of the rest of the book, just the part of the story that is shown in the picture. Create a story map or list of things that show what you think will happen in the story as shown in the picture.


Today we are going to carry  on with our work on multiplication and division. We are continuing to explore multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand further on multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.


Today we are going to carry on learning about scratch and the ways in which we can make Sprite the Cat move around with arrow keys. We looked at moving Sprite from side to side and some rotation.


Today we are going to look at making scratch move up and down, left and right with either clicks or key presses. When an object moves either to the left or to the right we can say that the object has moved in the x axis. A positive x number (2,4,15,100) will move the object to the right and a negative x number (-2,-4,-15,-100) will move it to the left. If an object moves up or down we can say that it has moved in the y axis. A positive y number will move the object up and a negative number will move the object down.


In scratch we have dedicated motion commands for moving in the x and y axis. We can link these motions to events in order to control Sprite.


Your task today is to use the when [ ] key pressed and change x by [ ] and change y by [ ] to make Sprite move. Here is the link to scratch There is also a screen shot to give you some hints.