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Good Morning Unicorns!laugh

I have just finished this book about Mount Everest.

It was a real cliff-hanger!


Today we celebrate ‘World Book Day’ we are officially ‘Off time-table today’. I shall leave a selection of activities for you below to choose from today to celebrate all things ‘books’.


Here is the timetable for today’s zoom calls, which will be as normal.

9:00am Zoom: Reflection on forgiveness. (See below) and a look at the day ahead.

12:00pm Zoom: A read of our class book ‘The London Eye Mystery’ (hopefully we shall be on Chapter 7 ‘The Wheel Turns’ by now). And maybe a sneak peek at your costumes for later today!

2:40pm Zoom ‘KS2 Assembly’: In our assembly with Mr Langley this afternoon we shall be sharing our World Book Day dress up ideas – cannot wait to see everyone!



The theme this week is forgiveness

We have spoken a lot about what it means to forgive this week. Let us take time to remember this morning that forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love. This is the song we shall be listening to this morning ‘Love like this’ by Lauren Daigle


World Book Day Activities


Create your own miniature book:

A little fun activity today – follow this link to have a go at creating your own miniature book! A fun activity from the British Library. All the instructions are explained on this video (see below) or on the website:

Make a Mini Book

World Book Day- Author and Illustrator academy –

Beaming authors and illustrators’ right into your homes – choose an academy lesson and then all you need to do is press play. Each video comes with resources, challenges and extracts for you too.


World of Stories: FREE Audiobooks –

Check out a selection of free audiobooks for you on the World Book Day website – you can listen alone or share with your family. Enjoy!

‘Get Creative’ Art Activity-

Check out the Stella Maris ‘Video Resource Centre’ on the website – Mrs Langley has kindly uploaded a ‘book week’ art activity task for you. Thank you blush


‘Do not Indulge Indigo’ by Katie Griffiths –

We are so lucky at Stella Maris to have this poem written especially for us - The poem has been adapted from her original poem for you by Katie Griffiths, author and poet.  You can find the Poem on ‘The Video Resource Centre’ page of our website. Listen and read the poem carefully – it is quite dark in places – what did you think?

Here is a copy of the poem for you to read through and a worksheet to complete with it:

“Draw with Rob”-

Also this 'Draw with Rob' YouTube page looks awesome, so many videos to watch! Check out here YouTube channel here:


Cooking recipes from ‘Malice in Underland’ by Jenni Jennings - 

Plus – Book Week Menu-

Do not forget you can still choose from the activities on our grid today! How many have you completed so far?


‘Stella Maris Made a Rainbow’ –

Have you finished your rainbow? Maybe you can work on your beautiful rainbow for our display today.


I hope you have all had a wonderful day and ‘World Book day’ well done to everybody who dressed up! Remember you can send in any photos you have for me . I would love to see how you are all getting on.

Mrs Jessup. xxx