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Today is the last day of the week to reflect on understanding.

It is about understanding that we may not know everything. That we are not always the best person to make choices for ourselves.


Who can you turn to, to help you make the right choices?

Who helps and guides us alongside God?


Decide on one person who helps and guides you and thank them for the ways in which they have helped.


Today there is no white rose video or sheet for you to work through. However we are going to take this time to explore more area knowledge and play some TTRS (times tables rockstars)!


Below is the link to a game for you to explore.

It is based around finding the area of a compound shape. A compound shape is 2 shapes merged into one. We are going to be looking at two rectangles or squares joined together. Look at the image below, this is a compound shape.


To find the area of this shape we would split it into the two rectangles, find the area of each rectangle and then add them together. There is an example of this below



We are going to practice finding and making reference to the vocabulary used by the author throughout the whole text.

Vocabulary is the language used in the book to convey meaning and to make what we are reading more exciting. The vocabulary used in a story is really important for the reader as long as they can understand it. This is a skill we have been practicing every time we read a new page of our book.


We are going to be answering vocabulary questions on the pages we have read this week.

They can be found below as well as the questions to answer them.


The questions are:

1 - What word means that there were lots of seals?

2 - How do we  know that the Endurance sank very quickly?

3 - Which verb tells us that Shackleton would not stand still?

4 - Find the words that mean the ice was being moved by the ocean.

5 - What word means only taking a very small amount of things with them in the lifeboats?

6 - Which word shows that the sailors had had very little to eat?

7 - Which collection of words tell you what the conditions on the sea were like?

8 - Which words explain how the sailors were feeling after they had made land?

9 - How do we know the men were reluctant to get back into the boats?

10 - How do we know the wind was strong on Elephant Island?


Today we are going to move to a different part of the farm from last week. We are looking at the fruit that can be grown on a farm. In the link below there is learning and then games around learning and recognising the names for fruits in french.


After this I would like you to find all the fruit you have in your homes, both real and fake, and create a survey of what you have. You need to record the fruit in french and to add an extra challenge can you write the numbers in french as well?


There is a word mat below to help you with this.