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Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and begin to think about our English task for today.



The theme this week is prayer


Morning Lessons


LO: to independently write a newspaper report based on a key scene from a text.

How did you get on with planning your newspaper reports yesterday? Hopefully you finished and today you can begin writing your own newspaper report about the murder of King Duncan. You may write this on paper or use a computer to type if you prefer.


I have saved s helpful ‘Features of a newspaper checklist’ below and another Twinkl PowerPoint on how to write a newspaper report in case you are finding it hard to get started.

Ideas for your newspaper heading:

Murdered Monarch!

King of Scotland – Dead!

Dun, dun dun… Duncan murdered.

Death at Dunsinane.

Kind Duncan: Dead!

Good luck Unicorns – I am here if you need my help, just email me. I am looking forward to reading some of your work.



Read some of your own book from home today – spend at least 30 minutes on this.



Today is the third Arithmetic Test for this term – How did you get on last week? Join me for our Zoom at 12 where I will be looking at some of the questions from Today’s paper. The test is saved at the bottom of the page in today’s documents section. Remember you can go to the ‘PiXL resources’ tab to find the arithmetic test answers for self-marking.   We LOVE Arithmetic!


LO: To divide decimals by integers.

Firstly, an ‘integer’ is another word for a whole number. Now, begin by watching this video from White Rose – remember to stop/pause the video when you are asked a question: ‘Divide decimals by integers’.

 As always the White Rose sheet from the video comes with answers too for you to complete – it is saved as the bottom of the page in ‘Today’s Documents’. 

If you need extra support, I have posted a help video by Corbett Maths at the very bottom of this page that may help too.


Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch. The focus is our Arithmetic paper – you can join even if you have or haven’t completed it yet.

Afternoon Lessons


I have found a great Horrible Histories episode called ‘Terrible Tudor Special’ (Series 7: Episode 15). I have a link for the episode for you to watch it via iPlayer here:

If you struggle to get the episode try searching iPlayer for yourself or if you have a Netflix account you can watch it on there.

LO: to pick out key events and dates from a historical period with some accuracy.

Activity: Watch the episode carefully – take notes of key facts and dates that are mentioned – the different Tudor Kings and Queens, the Tudor family tree, Tudor explorers etc. After watching, can you research what has been portrayed with accuracy?

Lastly, how can you display your findings? I would like you to record the historic facts about the Terrible Tudors that you have learnt – you could:

  • Make a mini-book with your research in.
  • Create a poster – this would have to be very colourful and detailed.
  • Be creative with a computer – could you create an I-movie, stop-motion video or PowerPoint to present your own information in a ‘Horrible Histories’ style?

In your work you could still include any research you have from William Shakespeare too if you wish. 

Elizabeth I was the last Tudor monarch (1533 – 1603) You can see from the dates that she was already Queen of England when Shakespeare was born- she would have been familiar with some of his early work and plays. Elizabeth I died 3 years before Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.

If you are struggling: follow the link above for Iplayer, then try going to YouTube and here you will find lots of smaller clips of Tudor sketches from Horrible Histories episodes:



How are you getting on with your self-portrait work from yesterday? It was a rather a large task for you to begin so you may want to spend some time working on that today too. If you have not started yet then look, back to yesterday’s learning to see if you can give it a go.



KS2 Assembly at 2:40pm.


Hope you have all enjoyed today’s learning – please send in any work you have been doing. Especially a piece you are particularly proud of! Photographs are great because they are so easy to add to our website page – which (I think) is look amazing! Well done Unicorns.

Mrs Jessup. xxheart




Dividing Decimals by whole numbers - Maths help video.

This video explains how to divide decimals by whole numbers (integers)