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Did you know?

Walt Disney started sketching regularly when he was just 4 years old!



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and begin looking at our day ahead.  


The theme this week is Strength.

In case you miss reflection here is the link for today’s song. When you listen I want you to reflect on your own strength, or has someone been your strength. We are nearly at the end of our climb now; let us ask God to continue to keep us safe.

Miley Cyrus - The Climb Lyrics

Morning Lessons


Today we will be continuing with the Arithmetic Tests and we are now on number 7 – Here the test is for you to have a go at some of the questions, see how you do! Remember you can go to the ‘PiXL resources’ tab to find the arithmetic test answers for self-marking – no peaking before!  We LOVE Arithmetic!

LO: To work out the area of a triangle.

Please follow the link to today’s video for your learning ‘Area of a triangle (1)’  Watch the video carefully, pausing to answer questions when you are asked to do so. Here is the worksheet and answers from White Rose to accompany today’s lesson:


LO: to look in detail at the main character of a story.

The London Eye Mystery: Chapter 2 - Year 6

Chapter 2, 'News of a Hurricane'. Read along as we go through the next chapter of The London Eye Mystery.

On a piece of paper can you draw an outline of a person – this person is the Character Ted.


On the inside of your outline can you write:

  • What Ted is like?
  • What do we know about him?
  • Adjectives to describe his personality?
  • How does Ted view himself?


On the outside of your outline can you write:

  • How other characters in the story view him?
  • Any examples of the sorts of things he says.


For our 12:00pm Zoom we will have a go at this activity altogether – I shall make a start on my own to share with you all and listen to your ideas too.



Reading comprehension for today ‘The Moonflower’ – here is the reading and questions for you.


Don’t forget today’s Zoom call at 12:00pm! See you then – we will talk more about our book ‘The London Eye Mystery’.

Afternoon Lesson.


Just the one lesson planned for you this afternoon. Looking at ‘Pop Art’ this term.

Here are some great examples from two famous pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Have a go at answering the following questions:

What do these artworks remind you of?

Have you seen them before?

How colours and patterns used?

Is there a piece you like in particular? If so why? What do you like about it?

Is there a piece you dislike? If so why?

Mrs Harrison has created a Pop Art based activity for you to have a go at this afternoon.

Do not forget that you can email your work to me; it would be lovely to share your finished pieces on the website in a small gallery! Emails to:



KS2 Assembly at 2:40pm.


Hope you have all had another superb day, cannot believe tomorrow is Friday. Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Mrs Jessup. xx