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Today is the penultimate day of our theme of forgiveness. Be still and calm and listen for the guidance and voice of God as you sit there. After some time use the prayer to talk to God directly.


Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at working out a fraction from a quantity.

The videos are found in the link below.


You can also access the videos by scanning the QR code below:


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on finding fractions of a quantity

World Book Day + English + Topic

Happy World Book Day!

We are going to look at different special book for the next 2 days. It is the book shared with you on Tuesday by Mrs Houtari:

The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson

I will be reading to everyone in our reflection at 9am if you have not already been able to hear it. If you don't make it to the reflection and zoom and would like to experience the video then you can follow along in the vidfeo below.

The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson | Kids Book Read Aloud

All of the rest of our tasks are going to be based around The World Made a Rainbow.


Task 1

I would like you to create an acrostic poem using the word RAINBOW as your starting word. Remember you start each sentence with the next letter as you move down rainbow. It does not have to rhyme but it can if you would like it to. Your poem can be on any subject you choose such as lockdown, coming back to school, nature, the environment or anything else you can think of. You can also present your poem in anyway you choose. If you did not want to create an acrostic poem then you can try to create a simile poem using the colours of the rainbow in your similies. I have put a writing frame each below.

Task 2

I would you to put yourself into the position of the girl in the book. She becomes sad when she thinks about her friend Violet that she has not seen in a long time. Can you think of a friend or family member that you have not seen in a long time? What would you like to do with them when you are allowed to meet up again?


I would like you to create a poster of 5 things you would like to do with your missed friends and family when we are allowed to be together again! If you can it on the computer that would be great but any other way would also be fantastic to see. 

Task 3

The key image of the book is the word rainbow, it is something we see lots of around our homes and towns. They are great source of joy, hope and love for many people that see it. These are the things rainbows mean to me.


What do rainbows mean to you? Create a word cloud for all the different things you think of when you think of rainbows.

Task 4

Your last task of the day is to create a rainbow....