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Sloths are strong swimmers, especially good at backstroke!



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and I will be sharing the story of the Tower of London to follow on from your research yesterday.  



The theme this week is understanding.


Morning Lessons


LO: to write my own non-chronological report about ‘The Tower of London’.

Your activity today is to write your own report (non-fiction writing) about ‘The Tower of London’. I am happy for you to write this as a formal report or information text or you may prefer to write your information down in the style of a leaflet? You can work in your remote learning books, on any paper you have at home or on the computer.

Look through your notes from yesterday! If not go back and make some more. You will need to do a plan before you start writing and organise your ideas.

I have saved some useful hints from Twinkl for whatever type of non-fiction writing you decide on.

Useful Tips from Mrs Jessup:

  • Think of a catchy title – rather than ‘The Tower of London’ (which would be perfectly fine) you could have ‘London’s deadly Prison’ or ‘London’s Terror Palace’.
  • Remember to organise your information by using sub-headings, here are some examples of sub-headings I would use to give you an idea of what my paragraphs would be about:
  • The Tower of London – including general information, when it was built etc.
  • Grizzly tales from the Tower.
  • Terrible Tudor Tower.
  • Did you know? A fun section with some different facts.
  • Why you should visit!
  • A conclusion.


LO: listen carefully and pick out key information.

Carefully watch this clip about Henry VIII and his children. After can you answer the following comprehension questions?


Who were Henry VIIIs children?

What was painted for Henry VIII in 1545?

What was the name of the family jester?

Who was Princess Mary’s Mother?

Who ruled the country as regent whilst Henry VIII was away fighting his battles?

Do you think Henry VIII was a good father? Can you give reasons for you answers.



Today is the fourth Arithmetic Test for this term – How did you get on last week? Join me for our Zoom at 12 where I will be looking at some of the questions from Today’s paper. The test is saved just below! Remember you can go to the ‘PiXL resources’ tab to find the arithmetic test answers for self-marking – no peaking before!

We LOVE Arithmetic!

PS. You only have Arithmetic to do today for Maths.


Don't forget our Zoom at 12:00pm today everyone laugh


Afternoon Lesson.


Mrs Harrison has planned a super fun task for you this afternoon – thank you Mrs Harrison!

Can you design a poster for Macbeth? This could be a film poster for the cinema or a book cover design for Macbeth. The choice is yours and what is great about this activity is that you can draw it by hand, use the computer or even collage?

Spookily, Fin sent me a poster last week that he had designed – just for fun! It’s like he has read mine and Mrs Harrison’s mind. Here is his design:


KS2 Assembly at 2:40pm.


Unicorns I hope you have all enjoyed today’s learning – please send in any work you have been doing. Especially a piece you are particularly proud of! Photographs are great because they are so easy to add to our website page – which is look fabulous! Keep up the hard work Unicorns.heart

Mrs Jessup. xx