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For reflection today I would like you put our favourite song on to listen to and just sit and feel happy and calm in your space.


Today we are going to carry on reading the next part of the story, I will share the pages after the zoom call as I would like to read them to you.


We are going to explore the text and what it makes of think of. We will explore the language used and the meaning behind words and phrases and think of the images it brings to our minds. What does it make us think about. We will discuss the images that we think of and the text has an impact on us.


The learning task is to read the next section of the text again and create an illustration (or more than one if you would) that enhances the text. If you look back at the text shared on Tuesday there is an example of an illustration for the text.

Slides from today's English Zoom


Today we are going to carry  on with our work on multiplication and division. We are exploring factor pairs. There is a video found at the link below


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on yon the video for factor pairs.


We are being a new area of learning in science this term. We are going to investigate states of matter.


Before I explain what states of matter means have ago at filling in the KWL grid below. Remember this doesnt have to be printed, can be copied into your book but feel free to print if you would like.

States of matter refer to we find and interact with an object or substance.


There are 3 states of matter an object can be in: Solid - Liquid - Gas.


Everything can sorted into these three categories. Can you think of any examples for each of the the states of matter?


Below here is a link to the BBC website that will help you with your understanding of what the states of matter are. After that there is a quick sorting activity to do as well.