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Daily Reflection: Our focus this week is 'Forgiveness'

Saying sorry or forgiving someone takes a lot of courage, but it always make you feel better! Listen to the the music and take a quiet moment to think about looking forward:


"The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking; he rescues those who are humbly sorry for their sins." Pslam 34:18


My Wonderful Imps,

I am so proud of you. We are made it to the end of our remote learning and will all be back together again on Monday! I can't wait to see all of you beautiful faces again. Have a lovely weekend....I am on count down!!!!


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Fine Motor Skills:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

On some paper, either draw a large squiggly line going across the page or write your name nice and big. Over the lines, either place beads, pasta shapes etc or you can use stickers. Follow the lines you have made really carefully and see if you can be gentle and steady. 


Reading Challenge Five for Book Week: 

heart Read with someone else in your house. Find some where cosy to read and make a hot chocolate to 

enjoy while you are reading. 



Today we are thinking about growing and springtime, and the beautiful world that God has given to us. What does springtime mean to you? Do you know what flowers need to grow? They need water, sunlight, soil and lots of love. We have to take care of the flowers that we are given and show them respect and love. Draw or paint a flower on some paper, you may have some flowers at home that you could look at and copy. Around your picture can you write the things that they need in order to stay alive. 

What does the words new life mean to you? 



Thinking about our rainbow theme this week and growing in RE, today you can create some rainbow flowers using the correct number of petals, leaves etc. When you create your field of rainbow flowers, we would like one flower to have 5 pink petals, one to have 10 red petals, one flower to have 8 blue petals, one flower to have 4 yellow petals and one flower to have 9 purple flowers. For each flower you will also need 1 green stem and 3 green leaves. You can either use coloured paper if you have some at home or you could paint or draw your picture. I can't wait to see you field of flowers!!



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far (j, v, w and z, x, y, qu, ch, th, sh, ng, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar and ai). Today we are going to revisit 

the ‘oa’ sound. Think of as many words as you can with the ‘oa’ sound in. You can write some of these words and you can draw some of these objects too. If you need reminding how to pronounce the ‘oa’ sound, use the following link:

Remember you can also use the phonics play website to play lots of phonics games, using all of the sounds you have learnt so far. 


Afternoon activity:

Create your very own story in a box for the school challenge! Think about a story that you love reading or you enjoy listening to and create a box to show the story. Inside your box you could paint the scene, add characters or pictures, you could make props that you see in the story etc. I have added some examples for you to see and maybe give you some ideas. Bring your story box into school on Monday 8th and we will display them all outside the hall for everyone to see. 




Mrs Jukes x