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Daily Reflection: This week our focus is 'Strength'

In reflection today, think about those people who may need us to say a little pray for them, maybe they are not feeling so strong at the moment. Watch the video clip about having strength and listen to the song:


"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Good Morning Imps, 

I just wanted you to know are loved, you are needed, you are strong and you are enough! I hope that you have a good day. 


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:



Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

Today we are going to have a go at writing the letter j. Use the following link to see how we form this letter:

This letter can be a little tricky so take your time and practise the shape of this letter using playdough first. You could then try writing a large j and sticking things on top of your outline you have made. 



Ask your adult if you can build a reading den today. Find a good book and go and sit in your reading den. Try to read as much as you can, picking out familiar words, tricky words and having a try at those unfamiliar words, using your sounds to help you. Take a picture of your reading den and you reading your book, I would love to see which book you have chosen to read. 



Using your pictures from the previous day, think about your favourite part of the story and what you liked about this part. Can you say your sentence out loud e.g. I liked it when…… and then write your sentence down. You can either write your sentence on your picture or on a separate piece of paper. When writing your sentence, don’t forget to use your finger spaces between words, use a full stop at the end of your sentence and use a capital letter to start your sentence. Your sounds will help you to write and think about those unfamiliar words. When your sentence has been written, are you able to read your sentence out loud to someone? 



Today we are going to continue to think about repeating patterns. Cut some strips of plain paper ready to use. On your strips create different colourful patterns using paints or crayons. Choose a shape that you are going to stick to e.g. circle and use no more than three colours to create your repeating patterns. On one strip you may put a red dot, pink dot, yellow dot, red dot, pink dot, yellow dot etc. On each strip of paper, see if you can create a different pattern. 



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far (j, v, w and z, x, y, qu, ch, th, sh, ng, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar and ai). Today we are going to revisit the ‘ar’ sound. Can you think of any words with this sound in? Try writing these words, using your robot arms and sound buttons. Use the following link to play the phonics game using the ‘ar’ sound:    When loading the game, choose phase 3 and then the ‘ar’ sound. You will need to read each word and decide if it is a real word for the green dragon or a fake word for the red dragon. 


Afternoon activity:

Using an old sock that you find at home, create an African snake! If you have a colourful sock that would be wonderful or if you have a plain sock, you can always decorate your snake. Start by stuffing your sock with tissue, other old socks, stuffing, scrunched up paper etc…. anything you have at home. When your sock is stuffed full then tie the end using an elastic band, old hair tie or you could ask your adult to help you sew the end up. Your sock is now ready to decorate and add the final touches e.g. eyes, a tounge, a pattern on the body etc. I can’t wait to see your African snakes. Will your snake be a long snake or a shorter snake? 


Mrs Jukes x