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Hello lovely Elves and hello Friday!


Let's finish the week by having the BEST day! 

Our Reflection theme this week is Prayer

Poor Beegu is feeling so lonely. She is in need of a good friend! For English today I would like you to create a friend for Beegu. Elves, you are such good friends to one another, I just know you are going to have some super ideas! Look at the powerpoint to see what I would like you to include.

1Oam Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar ZOOM


11.30am Maths ZOOM

We are going to do some Maths together this morning to help us with our learning. 


heart Sorry children, we squeezed so much into our Maths ZOOM this morning that we ran out of time! Have a go at playing the game we looked at, investigating the different number facts for three given numbers (up to 10). Don't forget we need to start learning these off by heart, so you could jot them down too! heart


PE/Outdoor learning

Yesterday in Science we talked about the importance of keeping our body healthy by doing exercise. If we were all in school we would be doing PE. What can you do instead?


Going for a walk is great exercise and the fresh air will do everyone the world of good, I promise! Here are some ideas for you:


enlightened Like the picture above, can you find some faces in nature? There is often a face to be found in a tree!


enlightened Go on a listening walk - what can you hear around you? This is about being mindful and noticing the world around you - you do not need to record anything!


enlightened Can you find an interesting stick?! Will it be a magic wand or something else? 

Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids: Outside In The Woods | Cosmic Kids

If you can't get outside for a walk, here is a Nature themed Cosmic Yoga you might enjoy instead!

Storytime/quiet reading

It's been a busy week for you superstar Elves, so snuggle up somewhere quiet and look at a book. Remember the more we read, the better we become at reading! If you would like an extra challenge you could write a book review for the story you have looked at. Think about how many stars you would give it out of 5, the part you enjoyed the most and who your favourite character is.

Wishing you all a wonderful and well deserved weekend! 


With love and very best wishes,


Mrs Mackell x