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This lesson will begin on the 9.30 Zoom call. (Log in details have been sent on the App.)

Learning Objective: I can use my knowledge of shape and number to solve a problem.



Watch the video Day 2 - Snowflakes, snowflakes all around. 

Resources: a few sheets of paper and some scissors.



Today’s phonics session will be at 11am on Zoom.  Please see log in details that were sent in an App message.

our sound today is "aw" as in claw, yawn, shawl.

Recapping tricky words oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs, asked, called.

Graphemes learned since last week ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue



Learning Objective: I can write instructions.

Can you help me? I made a marmalade sandwich and something went wrong.


Read the following instructions:-

  1. Eat the sandwich.
  2. Cut the sandwich in half.
  3. Wash your hands before you start
  4. Spread the marmalade using a knife.
  5. Spread the butter on the bread.
  6. Get out two slices of bread.

Can you now write out the instructions in the right order?

(sandwich border paper is attached at the bottom)



Log in to the music session at 1pm – use the log in sent on the App.



Go for a walk or do some other form of movement.  Here is another Cosmic Yoga link.