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Today on Zoom - Music and Assembly


Don't forget that today you have your Music lesson at 12pm and your KS2 assembly at 2.40pm.  It's wonderful for all of your teachers - (not just Mrs Langley and I) to see you on Zoom for the different meetings, so please try to be there.


Music at 12pm



KS2 Assembly at 2.40pm




If you have forgotten or no longer have the codes to join on Zoom please let me know by sending me an email at     or contact the school office.       Thank you.





This week's theme for Reflection is Honesty


“Do that which is honest.” 

2 Corinthians  13:7


This morning I will read you a story about Honesty.  The story is called 'The Boy who cried Wolf'.  I wonder what we can learn about Honesty from this story?





This week's maths lessons are from Spring Term Week 6 - Number: Fractions.


Please watch the video 'Add Fractions within 1', remember you can pause the video at any point in order to make notes or work out an answer.  Once you have watched the video please work through the questions and then use the answers to mark your work afterwards.







English: Reading Comprehension

Captain Sir Tom Moore 1920 - 2021


Captain Sir Thomas Moore, popularly known as Captain Tom, was a British Army officer and businessman who raised money for NHS charities in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the age of 100, Captain Sir Tom Moore died last week on 2nd February.


I'm sure Captain Tom is someone that you have heard about in the news.  In April 2020 (during the first lockdown) Tom walked 100 laps of his garden - he became a 'National Inspiration' and raised £33 million for NHS charities.


In today's Reading Comprehension you will learn more about Captain Tom.  

Please read the text and answer the comprehension questions.

I have attached the answer document - scroll down to page 4 of the answer document for the Captain Tom answers.





If you haven't done so already, please finish your PowerPoint presentation slides for our class science quiz which will take place tomorrow afternoon on Zoom.  Please email me your slides by 4pm this afternoon so that I can finish putting the quiz together with all your great questions and answers.


If you need a reminder of what to do/include look back at our learning page for Thursday of last week (Thursday 4th Feb).  I look forward to having all your question and answer slides and to our quiz that you've all contributed to tomorrow afternoon!



Safer Internet Day 2021

Together for a Better Internet




On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day 2021 and this year's theme is 'Together for a Better Internet'.


If you have finished your PowerPoint slides for the Quiz and you'd like an activity to remind yourself how to stay safe online, below you will find an activity booklet called  'Choosing Wisely'.


The activity booklet is mainly aimed at children working face-to-face with teachers in classrooms and also it says that it is for Year 4 pupils - but don't worry - the messages are still the same and are still really important and there are definitely some activities in the booklet that you will be able to do whilst working remotely at home.


Hopefully you will find the booklet and activities interesting and thought provoking.