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We are continuing to look at honesty today. Take the time today to think about when and why you aren't honest. Do you notice a matter? Is it always with the same person? Is it always about the same issue or thing? Are they big or little lies? Talk to God and ask for his support today, offer him you problems and listen and watch for his guidance.


Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at the second of three days on equivalent fractions. There is a link to the videos found here


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on recognising and calculating equivalent fractions using the bar model and fraction walls.


We are nearing the end of our adventures with Shackleton and his crew. What can you remember of his journey so far. Map a bullet point journey of his travels so far, you are only allowed a maximum of 7 words per bullet point. I have done the first two for you below:

  • Percy was found hiding on the ship
  • They sailed south further


What events did you think of? What are the key events in the story for you. Do you think we will all have the same things written down?


Below is today's page. Have a read through and as always record any new vocabulary and phrases to find out what they mean to use in your writing at another point.

When you tabled language yesterday did you use some of the same language as in the text above?


Sometimes the language we pick can be better or worse than the language the author has decided to use. Also the sentences we write sometimes aren't the best they can be. We are going to work on making sentences better today.


There is a template to use at the bottom of the pages if you would like to, remember that doesn't mean you have to print it, you can just work from it.


In the picture above you can see we start with a basic, simple starting sentence. As we move up each level of improvement, we add something to that sentence, this is shown in the box to the right. When we add the new feature, we use the improved sentence from the level before.


Can you have a go at improving the sentences in the template. You can always have a go at creating your own basic sentences and improvements.


We are going to have our last scratch session for this term


Today we are going to review all the learning we have done through this term. We are going to explore making a sprite move in both the x and the y axis, make them disappear and reappear, add more than one sprite, change the background, assign random movements, add wait timers, change a sprite's costume, add sounds as well as chaining these together for various effects.


To recap any of these skills before tomorrow then look back through the previous weeks on here.


Challenge for the half term. Can you create a fully animated and moving name tag to go on the website to show everyone what we have learnt this term!