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Daily Reflection: Our focus this week is 'Prayer'

Listen to the song using the following link and think about saying a little prayer to thank God for all of the beautiful things he has given to us:


"Rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances." 1 Thessalonians 5




Hello Imps, 

Well today is a very special day because it is Sean's birthday!!! WISHING SEAN A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY, WE WILL ALL BE THINKING OF YOU!!!!1


Start of the day:

Listen to our good morning song:


Handwriting Ready:

Listen to our crocodile snap song using the following link and get those hands ready:

It is really important this term that we really work on our letter formation. We are going to work on the letter c today.

Take a look at the following link to show you how this is written:

Have a go at writing lots of c’s. Maybe you could make the shape in glitter, or flour or sugar?



Find a lovely warm space to snuggle up and read a book. Think about the characters in your book…who are they? Do you have any other books that are like this one? 



Have a read of your sentence from yesterday that describes your alien picture. Did you use your finger spaces? Did you put a full stop at the end of the sentence? Have another look at your alien picture or you can look at my alien picture found in the resources and write a different sentence to describe the alien. Describe a different part of the alien. Remember your full stop!



Can you recognise all of your numbers to 20?

We are continuing to think about take away/subtraction. Look at the number sentences found in the resources and solve them by drawing stars or suns. The first number tells you how many stars/suns to draw and the second number tells you how many stars/suns to cross out. How many stars/suns do you have left? We will go through this together in our zoom lesson. 



Revise all of your phase 2 sounds and the phase 3 sounds j, v, w and z and y. 

Today we are learning the sound x. this phoneme is often found at the end of words or in the middle of words. Have a watch of the video to listen to the pronunciation of this sound:

Try reading the CVC words found in the resources using your sounds. Try writing these words too. Can you think of any words with x in? 


Afternoon activity:

Continuing our work on aliens, use your hands, feet or both to create some alien pictures. Paint your hand or foot and place on some paper. Wait for the paint to dry and then change your handprint/footprint into a funny alien. Don’t forget to give the aliens some eyes. Legs and arms. I can’t wait to see your aliens, they are all going to look so different!



Mrs Jukes x