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The theme for this week's Reflection is 'Courage'


“Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you

who hope in the Lord.”        Psalm 31 v24


This morning in Reflection (during 9am Zoom) we will watch a video clip.  I wonder if any of you will recognise where the clip is from?  Enjoy it and sing along, the words are shown!


After watching the clip, take a moment to think -

What does the clip show us about courage and bravery? 

How can God help us to be courageous, strong and brave?



Music and Assembly today on Zoom!




                Music at 12pm                                                      KS2 Assembly at 2.40pm




This week's lessons are from Spring Term Week 5 - Number: Fractions


Watch the video 'Compare and order fractions less than 1 (second part of worksheet)' and then work through the questions.  Then use the answers to mark your work.






English - Reading Comprehension

Today's Reading Comprehension is a Poem called 'My Mind'. 

It comes from a book of Poems called ‘Vanishing Trick Poems’  by Ros Asquith


Please read the poem and then answer the questions - the document with the poem and the questions is below in both Word and PDF format.


We will discuss the answers to the comprehension questions in our 1.30pm Zoom meeting this afternoon.




We've now come to the end of our French unit of work, so for the last few weeks of this term we are going to 'Collaborate on a Digital Project' together - this is one of the Year 5 Computing objectives.


For this project we are all going to contribute to a class science quiz about Earth and Space.  You are going to use all the facts that you have learnt in Science this term and come up with one/two questions for our quiz.  I will then put all your questions together and we will do our quiz all together on Zoom on the last day of this term - next Friday (12th Feb).


So to contribute to the project you will need to produce one (or two) PowerPoint slides with your quiz question/s and answers on.  Remember on PowerPoint there are lots of interesting features and animations that you can use for your text so you can make your slide really interesting and fun for us.  You can also add in pictures.

You will need to make sure that you use the  'add animation' function for your answer so that it appears AFTER and not at the same time as the question. 


Try to be imaginative and creative with your question/s and don't make it/them too easy!  

Some examples might be....

"What is the 4th planet from the sun in our Solar System?"

"Does the Earth move around the sun or does the sun move around the Earth?"


See if you can be even more creative than me though!....I think those example questions are probably too easy for the Griffins!


Think about whether your questions need multiple choice answers e.g. is it too difficult for people to guess the answer without having some options to choose from?  If you are going to include multiple choice options you need to add them to your question e.g. "Is the answer a......, b....... or c..........?



Once you have made your PowerPoint slide/s (a maximum of 2 questions and 2 slides each please) you will need to email it/them to me at - perhaps you could do this together with a grown-up and you will probably need to email me from a grown-up's email address.

Once I have received your PowerPoint slides, I will then put them together to make our quiz.  We will then do the quiz altogether on Zoom on Friday 12th February and using the 'Share Screen' function on Zoom we will all be able to see each other's questions and slides.


Please send me your slide/s by Thursday 11th February at the latest - earlier if you can!



I look forward to our whole class Earth and Space quiz and seeing your interesting questions and creative slides!