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Reflection: Our focus this week is 'Honesty'.

Listen to the music below and consider how you can be honest and truthful.

My Zoom at 11.30am today will be about money.  

COMPLETELY OPTIONAL TASKS - If you are still getting to grips with money try the sheets with D (in a star), If you are finding money easy try the sheets with GD (in a star). These are optional tasks that can be carried out if needed. The PowerPoint I used today is also included.

Remember to use the interactive games from yesterday or last week, to reinforce your learning.




Our PowerPoint from today



In computing we have been learning to insert tables and shapes into documents. We have also learnt how to insert and edit text, changing the font for different purposes. Please use the link below to learn how to touch type.  You may wish to have a 'type off' with an adult at home.  It's not easy!


Today is Safer Internet Day. We have already studied keeping safe on the internet and made posters. However, would you please look at the PowerPoint with an adult and remind yourself of the importance of keeping safe online.