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Wednesday Home Learning- Hobbits Class

Good morning Hobbits!



I am really looking forward to seeing you today at 11.00 and 1.00 on Zoom. We will be doing Science in our first Zoom and PSHE in our second and going through any questions about the learning in the second. 


Have a wonderful day. 



Our theme in reflection this week is


Listen to this song and light a candle (with a grown ups permission) and take this moment to calm and quiet. 

Can you write a small prayer about compassion and share it with someone in your house?



Today we are going to recreate some of the scenes in the story through pictures or freeze frames. 

Your task is to take some pictures of you recreating parts of the book. If you don't have a camera then you can draw yourself being one of the characters in the story. 


Please send me your photos and drawings if we get enough I will put them altogether to make the Hobbits version of Into the Forest and it will live in our book corner for us all to be able to look at and read. 

Here is the link to the story to help you



We are focussing on adverbs.

Today we are focussing on adverbs of time. 

Rewatch the video

Today you are going to do a quiz write your answer down before you go onto the next page and then mark them yourself from the answers! The quiz will be at the bottom of the page.



  • Today’s Maths Learning

Week 11 Divide by 4- Watch the video and complete the questions in your books. The worksheet will be at the bottom of the sheet. 



  • Try to do 30 minutes of Times Tables Rockstars- I shall be monitoring your progress!

Our focus this week is Addition and Subtraction. 

The worksheets are the bottom of the page you don't have to print it off you can just write the answers. 

You have 15 minutes to complete your sheet, take your time and think carefully. Don't forget about your presentation!



See you on zoom at 11!

Our new topic in science is called Animals Including Humans.

We are going to be using our predicting skills. 


Your task is to draw an outline of a human and I want to see (WITHOUT CHEATING) where you think all of the organs belong and what they look like in your body. During the zoom I will go through the organs and what they do and then you will go off and draw what you think it looks like. 


When you are done you can look at the picture at the bottom of the page and see how many you got right. Don't worry if you got them in the wrong place I want to see what you thought!


Have fun scientists!



I have added a happy newspaper PDF that is full of activities to make you smile. 

Have fun with it, I will put one out every Wednesday for the next three weeks. 

This something fun so don't worry about completing it do as much or as little as you want. 


Keep in contact my email is send me pictures, your work or just for a chat!

Stay safe.


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx

Maths Worksheet

SPaG/GPS Worksheet