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Hello Pixies,


I have saved the links from Child Mental Health Week below. 


Also remember:

 "Hot Chocolate Breathing"

- use your imagination to hold a "hot" drink and feel the warmth in your hands.

- smell the hot chocolate and breathe in and then slowly breath out.

- repeat this a few times.

- then taste your hot chocolate and feel the warmth going down your throat and past your chest and into your tummy.

- repeat this a few time focusing on your breath going in and out slowly.



Mrs Calzolari's "Teddy Bear Breathing"

-hold a bear to your chest and cuddly it.

-breathe in slowly and then breath out.

-repeat a few times.

-squeeze your bear tight to your chest and then release to a gentle squeeze and breathe in and out.

-lie down, close your eyes and hold your bear against your chest and slowly take a breath in and slowly breathe out

- repeat a few times.

- lie quietly with your eyes closed and cuddle your bear - be aware of your breathing.

- finish by lying still and breathing slowly.


Remember to talk to a grown-up if you are feeling sad or worried about anything and that you are very loved by a lot of people heart



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