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Term 5

Our visit to the Coastal Park with the Elves class - we looked at human and physical features and had a play in the park!

Flowers and plant identification in Science

Goldsworthy Style Art

Fire Pit Treat - the Pixies have been working quietly all week to show respect to the Unicorns while they were doing their SATs tests.

Geography - we went up the banks to look for animals in our school surroundings. We found some fox holes and looked at insects and birds.

Science - the Pixies investigated roots and found out their purpose.

Coronation Workshop - the Pixies learnt all about the new King and his interests in the environment and painting. They also learnt about his Queen.

Art - we went to find natural resources to print with.

In Geography the Pixies looked at plants and vegetation in our school surroundings. Then they panted their own sunflower seeds.

Creative Workshop at Block 67 - The Pixies enjoyed making a class banner using a heat press and ink and vinyl.

Art - Andy Goldsworthy - The Pixies thought about how the artist's work made them feel.

Finding and identifying wild plants in Science