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Intent in History

At Stella Maris the History Curriculum is built on the Foundation Stage strand Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  There are strong links between the skills needed for the study of History with those needed in studying Geography or Science - questioning and interpreting information, for example - and we believe that there should be strong links between the different subjects if children's learning is to be effective.


We want our children to develop a deepening understanding of history - chronologically, socially and politically.  We want them to be able to place historical events in the correct context and to interpret them reflectively.  We want them to have an understanding of the range of evidence available for the study of history, and how they can be used to analyse and interpret historical information.  But above all we want them to be curious about the past, both in Britain and in the wider world, and to share the lessons historians have learned from the study of past peoples and events.