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Computing - Implement

We follow a broad and balanced, custom written Computing curriculum that builds on previous learning and provides both support and challenge for learners. We follow a Computing scheme that ensures progression of skills and covers all aspects of the Computing curriculum. Our curriculum is divided across three main learning areas, Computer Sciences, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.


 Our approach to Computing Sciences is to use the Discovery Education Coding Scheme, which introduces children to progressively complex coding and programming skills, mainly focusing on block coding. This resource also allows identifying gifted and talented children from across the school and challenging them with real world programming languages such as HTML and Python.


Information Technology is introduced and taught using real world programs and software such as Microsoft Office suite for word processing needs, garage band and audacity for music creation and paint, paint3d and Photoshop for image creation and manipulation. In EYFS and KS1, learning is also supported through the use of 2simple.


Digital Literacy has a focus on online safety and the correct attitudes towards technology. We also take the time to teach about the importance of self-protection and privacy in Digital Literacy. Learning in this area is support by the resources of CEOP and ThinkuKnow as well as Childnet. 


All classes will have a scheduled Computing lesson each week or will be taught Computing alongside other curriculum subjects.

We want to ensure that Computing is embedded in our whole school curriculum and that opportunities for enhancing learning by using technology are always taken.