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In Griffins, we were learning about Mandir, which are Hindu temples. We watched some videos explaining Mandirs and we looked at some examples of them across the world. We learnt that people can visit Mandirs at any time to pray and participate in religious songs. We looked at what might be found inside a Mandir and how they are filled with lots of different Murti (statues of Gods and Godesses). Mandirs are seen as a place where heaven meets the earth, so many Mandirs are tall buildings, like mountains reaching up into the sky.


We cut up sections of a Mandir and the children enlarged their part to make a whole class Mandir. We explored the bright colours that are often found and we made links to our previous learning about Holi. Some children drew some of the different Murti that might be found inside a Mandir or a Hindu home as well as some of the other important features like, a bell, a shoe rack and the Vedas.