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Design Technology

Subject Leader for Design Technology: Mrs Bassett

Progression of Skills in Design Technology

Our Year 3 class were so lucky to be invited to a workshop at Block. The children learnt all about the designing process and we spoke about lots of different types of designers. The children found it fascinating how items like food and drinks labels have a design process! The children were given a design brief where they needed to create some sort of shelter. They had to think about who it was for, why they were making it, what its purpose was and where it would be used! Check out some of their designs!

Griffins had a super exciting Stone Age day. The children learnt all about seasonal produce and they cooked a Stone Age broth by grating, peeling and chopping the vegetables. Then, they designed and made polymer clay amulets, based on the jewellery of one of our Wolf Brother characters.

As part of our Harvest Celebrations, our Year 4 Dragons made some bread! Through making their delicious bread, which sent gorgeous smells around the school, the children understood how to prepare and cook a savoury dish. The children also thought very carefully about how to use heat sources appropriately and how to ensure that remained hygienic throughout the making process. 

Our Griffins were brain-storming and selecting appropriate materials for joining fabric together!

Here at Stella, we love to get our chef hats on by making lots of yummy food! In Reception, they have made a variety of spectacular goodies over the year, for all to enjoy. Making biscuits, pancakes and other treats is a great way for our youngest learners to develop their fine motor skills whilst also learning to use a range of tools and equipment. Here you can also see some of the learning in Year 3. The children in Year 3 were developing their chopping, slicing and mixing skills, as outlined in our progression of skills. They invited the parents in to taste some of their lovely baking and sandwiches! In these pictures you can see the transition throughout the years and how the children's skills have progressed. 

Year 3 made robots! The children had to measure, mark out, cut and assemble a variety of materials with accuracy.

Look at how the Griffins have combined History and Technology in this pair task! They made their own Viking shields!

The Dragons have been exploring materials before they make their animal masks! Which materials would you choose?

Even during a lockdown Stella pupils designed and made their own Mars rovers!