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The theme for our Reflections this week is Forgiveness - 


“The Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive.” 

                                                                                                                              Colossians 3:13


As you listen to the music this morning, think of times when you have needed forgiveness, did you make a bad choice or decision, realise your mistake and seek forgiveness?  Also think of times when someone has asked your forgiveness, did someone do wrong towards you and ask your forgiveness?  Did you give it feely and willingly?






Welcome to World Book Day and for those of you in school this week - it's my first day working in the classroom!  So I'm really looking forward to seeing those of you that will be in school today and tomorrow and I really really look forward to next week when all the lovely Griffins will be back in class!


* Make sure you have plenty of plain paper, pens and pencils today so that you can join in with

all the World Book Day activities! *


Will you be dressing up today?  Remember, even if you are not in school today we will still be able to see your lovely dressing up efforts on Zoom during assembly at 2.40pm!  You can wear a full costume, or just paint your face or wear a hat!


     KS2 Assembly - 2.40pm on Zoom


Music 12pm today on Zoom!    

Please be there!!





So World Book Day's mission is to 'Celebrate Reading for Pleasure'.  Today we have a whole host of fun reading and book related activities for you to join in with and you will all also receive (either this week or next if you come back on the 8th) your World Book Day free £1 book voucher!  You can take your special book voucher into a number of book shops and claim your Free World Book Day £1 book - you can choose one of any of the following books - 


Click on the PowerPoint below to find out more about what World Book Day is all about!


Reading and Books - What Comes to Mind?

So, when you think about reading and books what comes to your mind?  It might be words to do with different genres of books such as 'Adventure', 'Fairy-Tale', 'Fantasy' might think about favourite books of yours - why are they your favourites?  You might think about places that you like to go when you read or how reading makes you feel.


Challenge:  On a plain sheet of paper create a thought page to do with reading and books.  You could write all the words that come to your mind when you think of reading and books - you could fill the page with these words written in fancy writing and coloured in?  Your page might look something like this -



Or you could create a page with an image a bit like the one at the top of this section - showing what comes to mind when you think about reading and books. 


Put your page in your Remote Learning book and when we are all back in school next week we can share our ideas together.



Share a Story - Live Event - Today at 10.30am!

Click the link below to join today's 'Share a Story Live Event!'


Today's event is 'Words and Pictures: Bringing Books to Life'

My Favourite Book


If asked "What is your favourite book and why?"  What would you say?

Do you have a book that is a particular favourite?  Do you have a copy of this book?  Have you dressed up as a character from your favourite book?

Or you might have a favourite type/genre of book.


Create a 'My Favourite Book' page a bit like the one below.



Talk to adults around you about your favourite books and what in particular you like about them.

Find time today or over the next few days to share books and read with those around you.


Visit our school website in the 'Video Resource Centre' to see Stella Maris staff sharing some of their favourite stories!