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Well-Being Activities

Unicorns, during these strange and difficult times, please remember to take time out to focus on... YOU!


Here are some activities, websites and resources for yourself and your families to use during your time at home. You can also have an explore of the main 'Well-Being' page on our school website. If you go to, Main Page > Children > Well-Being. There are also some very useful links and tips on there for you too. 


Hopefully, these activities will keep you entertained, inspired and encouraged: all of which are key to nurturing your well-being. And remember... YOU ARE AMAZINGheart


KING & COUNTRY - TOGETHER (feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly) [Official Music Video]

Such an uplifting song - Remember 'If we fall, we will fall TOGETHER'

The Reflection in Me

Such a heartwarming family film sharing themes of love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.
Remember Unicorns, 'You are perfectly perfect just the way you are!'

I'm Here

"To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world"

Exercise is good for the soul...

All you need for the Alphabet Yoga challenge is a small space, your body and your imagination!

Can you hold your body in a pose to look like each CAPITAL letter of the alphabet?

Start with A and then B, C, D and so on. Try and hold each shape for 5 seconds before going onto the next letter. Can you complete the alphabet?


Can you transition smoothly between each letter shape?

The Yoga Alphabet: by Bari Koral

Useful Websites:

BBC Live lesson: 30 minute interactive lesson exploring – emotions, developing resilience, growth mindset and tip for self-care.


1000 Hours Outside: Match your nature time with your screen time.


50 Brain Breaks Kids will love: A website for parents / children in school to use for some brain break activities to do in between remote learning tasks.


What you could do at home...

enlightenedMrs Harrison has created a lockdown exercise idea sheet for her family and a lockdown activity suggestion jar. Maybe you could create something similar to have at home (or in our school bubble) to keep you focused, energised and positive. heart


Try something different... What about cooking?

Here are a few simple recipes that do not require many ingredients at all. It can be a tricky time to get out to the shops and supermarkets now so if you can make something yummy with what you have in the cupboards at home then why not? …


Three ingredients peanut butter cookies – These look delicious:


Four ingredients Nutella cookies – Again, very delicious:‚Äč


I have also added a recipe from Mrs Harrison for potato peel crisps – a good way to use up your potato peel if you have potatoes for dinner.

Mrs Harrison's Stella Colouring Page...