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Good Morning Unicorns!laugh

Did you know?

Mrs Jessup loves cheese? (Just thought I would tell you that one hehe)!


Don't forget our Paper Beach competition - Here are the details again with how to enter. Check out these examples from Mrs Barden and some of the Unicorn bubble too. 


Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and I will share the PowerPoint about a comic strip style Macbeth writing that I forgot to share yesterday - sorry Unicorns! We have just been so busy! If time, I will look at the Arithmetic paper coming up too. 


The theme this week is Honesty.


Morning Lessons



LO: to revise the different characters from Macbeth and think about their qualities.

Who has played Top Trumps before? Most of you I am sure! Today, I would like you to make some Macbeth Top Trump cards of your own. I have saved some resources below that you can use – or you can make your own at home. Enjoy!



Can you go to our PiXL resources page – Remote learning > PiXL resources > Reading. Click the reading tab – choose a reading comprehension of your choice to have a go at. There are many different fiction and non-fiction texts for you to choose from. Remember to choose one you have not completed before.



Today is the sixth Arithmetic Test for this term – How did you get on last week? Join me for our Zoom at 12 where I will be looking at some of the questions from Today’s paper. Remember you can go to the ‘PiXL resources’ tab to find the arithmetic test answers for self-marking – no peaking before!

We LOVE Arithmetic!

LO: To work on missing value percentage problems.  

Please follow the link to today’s video for your learning ‘Percentage missing values’

Watch the video carefully, pausing to answer questions when you are asked to do so. Here is the worksheet and answers from White Rose to accompany today’s lesson:

Extra Maths Zoom:

Unicorns, a small number of you have been invited to a Maths Zoom lesson today, which should help you – very similar to the boosters in school. This is at 10:30 am today via Zoom.

If you too are struggling with the Maths but have not been sent an invitation to join us then please email me: so I can add you to the group.



See you at today’s afternoon zoom – I will be sharing another wonderful Quiz – Sarah has created this one. I have two more quizzes by Mia and Harrison so if we have time I shall be sharing those too! We shall be quizzed out by Friday. Thank you everyone for working so hard on them!


Afternoon Lessons.



Another art challenge from Mrs Harrison – this one is in preparation for next term. So whatever you create this afternoon – please send me some photos! I would love to see,

There were lots of Tudor based activities yesterday afternoon for you to choose from. If you have time today, see if you can go back and have a go at any of the tasks you did not do.



KS2 Assembly at 2:40pm.


Hope you have all had another superb day, cannot believe tomorrow is Friday and also the last day of term! Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning.heart

Mrs Jessup. xx