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Reflection and Prayer

Reflection at Stella Maris

Reflection is a really important part of life at Stella Maris. All year groups begin their day with reflection time. Our reflection monitors are also important as they help to plan, set up and take ownership of the reflection time, depending on which year group they are in. 


"I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us, and we change things." Saint Teresa of Calcutta










Reflection themes for each term...

Reflection at Stella Maris

Celebrating All Saint's Day - Tuesday 1st November 2022

Fr Alex came in to school to celebrate mass with us for All Saint's Day. The Unicorn Class led the readings and the bidding prayers for us and we celebrated as a whole school. During mass, Fr asked us to think about what makes a person a Saint and to also think about the word 'Holy.' Was there a difference?

Parent and Child Prayer Breakfast - Thursday 20th October 2022

On Thursday we welcomed our families to school to share a Parent and Child Prayer breakfast. It was absolutely wonderful to see 60 people attend. The prayer breakfast was all about our School Mission and the newest members of our school community shared their thoughts on the tools we use for our Mission of Building God's Kingdom. There was time to pray, reflect and eat together. We also shared the Class Big Books with our families. 

Harvest Celebration - Monday 10th October 2022

On Monday 10th October we celebrated harvest with a whole school celebration. Each class thought about harvest in their learning and shared some of their work in the celebration. Unicorn class told us all about harvest around the world. We heard lots of interesting facts! Griffins class shared a gorgeous harvest festival poem that they had written together. Dragons class told us all about some harvest bread that they had made in class and also showed us their breads, they were beautiful and so carefully made. Hobbits shared some great harvest poems and sang a harvest song. Elves class sang a samba all about vegetables and showed us some of their vegetable paintings. Pixies class sang the lovely dingle dangle scarecrow song and Imps class sang their little seed song whilst doing some actions. It was wonderful to see all the learning that had taken place and it was a little reminder of how should appreciate all that we have. 

KCSP mass at Alyesford Priory - Wednesday 28th September 2022

On Wednesday 28th September, Dragons Class celebrated mass with all of the schools in our Kent Catholic Schools Partnership. It was a very special mass at Aylesford Priory, mass was outside and the sunshine was shining! Archbishop John Wilson said mass and all of the schools in the partnership took part. The Dragon class children participated in the offertory, read some bidding prayers and took part in the welcome procession. It was such a beautiful day and lots of new friends were made. 

Welcoming our Imps and their Families - Tuesday 20th September 2022

On Tuesday 20th of September, we welcomed out Imps and their families to our Stella Maris family. The Imps were introduced to the rest of the school community by their Unicorn partners and it was a very special moment. The Unicorns also helped their Imp light a candle, a small reminder that it is all of our jobs to help the Imps burn bright. It is also a reminder that Jesus is the light of world and he is with us on our journeys. We said some prayers for the Imps and their families and we sang together. 

"I am the light and the salvation." Psalm 27.1


Reflection and Prayer for HM Queen Elizabeth II - Monday 12th September 2022

On Monday 12th September 2022, all of the children and staff were invited to bring in flowers to lay in our Peace Garden for the Queen. The children shared a special reflection and prayer for the Queen in their classes, and then went to lay their flowers in the Peace Garden. It was beautiful! Some children wrote prayers and message at home and attached them to their flowers. 


Loving God, 

We give thanks for your servant, Queen Elizabeth.

We thank you for her kindness, her faith and her dedication to duty. 

May her example inspire us all, 

through Jesus Christ Our lord, 


Blessing for Staff and Pupils - Monday 12th September 2022

Fr Saba came into school on Monday 12th September to bless all of the staff and children. It was a beautiful way to start the academic year. 

Year 6 Leaver's Mass - Monday 11th July 2022

On Monday 11th July the whole school walked to Church to celebrate our Year 6 pupils with Fr Alex. The children led the singing, bidding prayers and readings for the mass. At the end of mass, each of the Year 6 children received a beautiful crucifix which had been blessed by Fr Alex. The crucifix is a reminder that the Lord is always with them. We leave our wonderful Year 6 with some words from Oscar Romero

"Aspire not to have more but to be more."

Mass For Mary - Friday 13th May 2022

On Friday 13th we celebrated Mary with a very special mass outside. Fr Saba came to say mass for us and the children laid flowers for Mary. It was a beautiful mass, and there were so many flowers. The Griffins class led the mass with the readings and bidding prayers. 


Candlelight Prayer for the People of Ukraine - Wednesday 30th March 2022

On Wednesday 30th March the Sunshine Team led a candlelight prayer service for the people of Ukraine. Our School community were invited to the service after school, where the Sunshine Team read some thoughts and prayers. Everyone that attended was asked to light a candle for Ukraine whilst listening to some music. The hall looked beautiful as the candles were lit, and we were left with some words from Francis of Assisi who said "all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle."


Ash Wednesday - 2nd March 2022

Today the whole school celebrated Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season. We attended a beautiful service in our school hall, lead by Fr Alex Saba. Fr Alex spoke to us all about how Lent is a time for prayer, a time for fasting and a time for giving. During the service we remembered the people of Ukraine and we asked God to hold them in his loving care and protection, to give them strength to endure their suffering and to grant wisdom on the world leaders in advancing efforts towards peace. 

Parent and Child Prayer breakfast - February 2022

On Thursday 24th February we invited our school community to come to school at 8:15am to pray and reflect together before the school day started. The theme for this prayer breakfast was LOVE. We shared some scripture from Corinthians "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast." We also thought about what love means to us and the Imps class shared a video all about what love means to them. The video is called 'love is.....' and it can be found under the children tab, video resource centre, Imps 2021-2022. 

We finished the prayer breakfast with a prayer from our School prayer book, read by Tess from the Dragons class. Families stayed for coffee and pastries afterwards. It was wonderful to have so many families attend.

The Imps role play area becomes a Church!

Harvest Parent and Child Prayer Breakfast - October 2021


Parents and children were invited to join us in school for a Harvest Parent and Child Prayer Breakfast. It was such a lovely reflection, helping us to think about thanksgiving and harvest time. The Imps children helped to create a video to share, telling us all about the things they are thankful for. We listened to a song called 'The Blessing' and thought about what we were thankful for. We also prayed together to say thank you for all of the things we have and asked for help for those who are struggling. 

We then shared breakfast together. It was lovely for the children the children to share with their families the importance of reflection at Stella Maris. 

If you would like to watch the Imps beautiful video, it can be found in the resource centre, Imps videos 2021-2022




Thinking about Mary in the Month of May....

The children and staff shared a reflection about Mary and then spent some time outside with Mary in the Peace Garden. The children were invited to lay flowers, say prayers etc. Some of the children wrote their own prayers to Mary at home. The flowers were then placed beside our whole school display dedicated to Mary. 

Children's contributions to Reflection 

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