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This week we are reflecting on the act and role of forgiveness in our lives. Forgiveness is the act of letting go and not holding something against someone any more. It maybe not being angry anymore because someone broke your favourite toy. It maybe letting someone join back in game after they have cheated. Reflect on when you  have had to forgive recently. What had happened? How did you forgive? Was it easy?



Everyday this week we are going to do an extra activity to enjoy the power of reading and explore books together! 

Today I want you to choose your favourite character from any book you have ever read.

Why did you choose this character? Why did you go to them? Why did you pick them? Why are they special?


You character may have been a good character, may have been a bad character but they are special to you. You choose them for you and no one else. That makes them and you special! It means they are a friend you will always have to go and find no matter what!


I would like you to draw or download a picture of your favourite character from your favourite book. Then around  them I would like you write what makes them special to you.


Have a look at my version below. My character is called Jack West Jnr. and he comes from a series of adult books that start with 7 Ancient Wonders. He has taken me on great adventures around the world and is always there when I need a pick me up. This is my version of him below.


Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at subtracting a fraction from a whole amount.

The videos are found in the link below. We are covering the Friday session from last week today so please use this link and not go for the current week.


You can also access the videos by scanning the QR code below:


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on subtracting fractions from whole amounts.


Today we are going to create a setting description of Ivan's land based on the setting pictures we created on Thursday last week. Don't worry if you didn't create a setting picture, there are a few for you to look at now.

Start today with looking at your pictures and my inspiration pictures and think about a word cloud of anything you may want to use in your writing. It could be whole sentences, nouns, adjectives, noun phrases, fronted adverbials, verbs and adverbs. Write down absolutely anything that comes to mind. Whilst doing this think about your senses as well. What would you hear, see, smell, touch and maybe even taste.


Here is my starter one below.

Having created your word cloud/map/list we can start to think about the writing we are going to do. We need to place ourselves into the setting we are describing, so imagine your are in the middle of Ivan's land. We are going to use our imaginary senses in this place to decribe what is around us. YOU ARE NOT MOVING OR TRAVELLING AND THERE SHOULD BE NO OTHER CHARACTERS INVOLVED. You just need to explain what is around you. Also try not to just fall back on explaining your senses by using "I" to start all senses. Use the environment to lead your writing.

Have a look at the beginning of my description below to help you. There are a range of different word mats and helpers below as well.



What was this place? Why was it so eye catching and yet so unnerving? Curling around thick spiraling branches were constricting vines, which braced and creaked – taking choking holds of the helpless trunks within. Dangling down from the layer of moss, vast, bold leaves flickered like flames in the growing bluster of wind. Dust, grit and grime drifted through the archways created by the curving branches which overshadowed the dimming the forest, leaving areas of unknown and bewilderment.

Language Harvest from Zoom session 1/3/2021


Although we have only just started giving and receiving last term we are going to put that on hold to look at the topic GIVING, especially during this time of lent.


Take time to reflect this afternoon what does giving mean to you? Can your create a list of ideas for what giving means to you? Use the quote below to guide your thoughts: 

If you could give something to team Dragons what would you donate? Would it be something material (something you could touch and hold) or would it be immaterial (something to feel or experience)? Why would this be you gift?


I would like you to create a gift postcard to share with the rest of the team as your gift. On one side I would like you to create an image that shows what your gift is. On the other side I would like you to write what your gift is and explain why you are gifting this to the rest of Dragons.


I have placed an example below.

My gift to you Dragons is Love. For without love we are empty, in need of filling.

We only experience half of everything.

Until we can love we can not let God into our hearts and lives.

Without love the sky is grey and the horizon is always bleak.

Love, be loved, know love, experience love,

know that love is loving someone more than you love yourself.