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We continue on through our theme of forgiveness today. Today we are going to think about when we have done something wrong. Were we forgiven? Did the person forgive us quickly? How did being forgiven make you feel? Did it help you feel better? Reflect on being forgiven, does it help you feel better? Does it help you realise you were in the wrong? Take time away from everyone today to reflect on what you may need to seek forgiveness for. 

World Book Week

Today we have the great opportunity to meet Jenni Jennings, a local author and have the opportunity to ask her some great questions and get an insight into the life and work of an author.


We are meeting with her and the rest of KS2 at 11am. The zoom details have been put on the app. If you need these sending again before 11am please email me and I will send them through to you. I hope to see many of you in there.


Task 1

Linked to our reflection task I would like you to create a reading den today. Create a space that you would like to go to and read. It can have a canopy, cushions, chairs, pictures, book, lights, music and anything else you think of creating. It is your special space and I would like you to enjoy being there. I have put some pictures up to help you out.

Task 2

If you haven't already started, tomorrow is world book day and this year we are focusing on creating exciting and interesting head pieces/ head dress instead of full fancy dress costumes. Take time today and think about which character you would like to be and how you would show this character in something you could wear on your head. The adult team are going to take inspiration from Elmer's Parade if you are struggling for idea. Can you create some big elephant ears and decorate them in many different colours and patterns.



Today we are continuing to explore and look at fractions. Today we are looking at working out a fraction from a set of objects

The videos are found in the link below.


You can also access the videos by scanning the QR code below:


Alongside working through the video content, there is also a work sheet that will expand on find fractions of a set below.


Today we are going to first page of Ice Palace. It is below for you read through. As we read through it together I would like you to think about the vocabulary you don't understand, write it down and research it at a later time, just as we were doing with Ice Trap!


Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see for ever you would see Ivan's land. It is a land where summer is short and pale like a celandine; winter long and cold as an icicle. Ivan does not live there now for he grew old long ago, and is gone. But the people of the pine-woods remember him. They remember him all the time, but most of all they remember him in winter because they are not afraid of winter any more. They have no need to be afraid, because of something Ivan did when he was very small. Ivan and his brother lived in the house of their father the blacksmith, in a village in the shadow of the great, dark forest. The people of the village were poor, but in the summertime they were mostly happy, so that the pale, warm air rang with their laughter and their singing as they worked. 
But as the short summers gave way to autumn their songs became sad songs, and their laughter thin. For they knew that far away to the north, Starjik was greasing the runners of his sled and rounding up his wolves. Starjik! Whisper his name and it was winter in your heart. Hissing over crisp snow in the black of night came Starjik behind his hungry team. Their eyes were yellow and their fangs were white. When Starjik was in a village the people lay very still behind their shutters but always, in the morning, a child was gone. For Starjik was known in every pine-woods village as the child-taker, and those he took were never seen again. One night when an icy wind whined through the black trees, and powdery snow sifted under everybody's doors, Starjik came to Ivan's house, and when Ivan awoke in the morning his little brother was gone. 

Below I have written some questions for you to have a go at, they focus on Ivan. Remember to use the text to help you through the questions but also use your own thoughts as well.

- What do you think you know about him, his family and his childhood to this point in the story?

- What kind of person do you think he might be?

- How would you describe him?


Now think about the introduction of the character of Starjik and have a go at these questions.

- What initial impression do you gain of this character? What makes you think this?

- What does the introduction of this character make you think about the story that lies ahead?



We are carrying on with exploring animals in their habitats. I would like you to start small today.


I would like you to conduct research into the animals you can find in your home and garden.

Think about recording the following information.


- What did you find?

- Where did you find it?

- What made up it's habitat?

- Is it a predator?

- How many were located in one place.


You can present your research in anyway you choose. You may make a powerpoint, a poster, a table, a written article, take pictures anything you can think of!


The picture below may help you with some places to start looking.