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"Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." 

Matthew 21:22


If possible look through this Twinkl PowerPoint before the lesson. If you are not able to, read it before starting the challenge.


Today is the 'oy' phoneme.


Still image for this video

We don't have base 10 at home. But you can use straws or cups or make yourselves some grids like we did in computing on Monday.

Topic Work:

Zoom lesson 11.30 am.

Additional Task or Homework Activity:

Following our Topic Zoom from last week, choose a question and research the answer using books and computers. 

  • This activity should take a number of hours during the week.
  • It should have the question as a title.
  • It should be handwritten or a computer can be used.  But there should also be a picture or pictures.
  • It should be in your own words, so when I put the work on the website, other children will be able to read it too.
  • Would you send your work to me by next Monday 25th January please.


Come on Elves! I know you can do it.smiley

Space questions from last week