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Good morning sweet Elves and happy Thursday ♥


Pinocchio not telling the truth

We will share this short film clip together for our Reflection today about Honesty (10am Zoom)

10am English (Zoom)


Today we're going to think about how we perform poetry. We're going to start by watching this fantastic clip by a performance poet called Joseph:

How to perform poetry

Make sure you listen carefully!

Now you are going to have a go at using some of these useful tips to perform some of your poetry OR to recite a fun poem you like! smiley

11.30am Science (Zoom)

Today we are going to think about the life cycles of animals! 


We're going to watch this to get us started:



Watch the second video clip about the life cycle of a butterfly (you can find this on the PowerPoint) and have a go at creating your own butterfly lifecycle!


Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Last week we were thinking about how we use apostrophes in contractions (or contracted words) e.g.

I am > I'm 

he is > he's

we are > we're

(two words go together, dropping one or more letters and replacing with an apostrophe)


We also use apostrophes  for possession (when we are talking about something belonging to someone) e.g. The cat's fur is black. We use an apostrophe to show that the fur belongs to the cat. Let's think about this a bit more by watching the video below:


I'd like you to just watch the video today and get your brain to start thinking about apostrophes for possession as there is rather a lot to think about! If you have an adult with you, you might want to pause the video in places to discuss as you go. 




2.10pm EYFS & KS1 Assembly (Zoom) see you there! heart


2.45pm Storytime/quiet reading

I'd really like you to make sure you use this time to share a book away from a screen. With World Book Day coming up after half term, perhaps you'd like to start thinking about your all time favourite book! And as it's so cold at the moment, it's the perfect opportunity to make a little den or snug, get all cosy and share one of your favourites! 

If you would like to, let's make our last day of term tomorrow Fancy Dress Friday! It doesn't need to be full on fancy dress - you might just pop on a hat or headband or wear your favourite colour from head to toe!