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Thursday Home Learning- Hobbits Class

Good morning Hobbits!



Today is going to be a bit different. No Zoom at 11 with me but a live lesson with The Big Schools Winterwatch Live Lesson.

1pm Zoom will be doing the Reading Comprehension together.


Have a wonderful day. 



Our theme in reflection this week is


Listen to this song and light a candle (with a grown ups permission) and take this moment to calm and quiet.

What words in the song may you feel something?

What feeling do they make you feel? - Live Lesson Week


Are you ready to get out and about in nature this winter?

Gather up, Winterwatchers! Learn some key skills to help you get outdoors and find out more about the birds in your environment with a very special Live Lesson at 11am on the 28th of January 2021.

This cross-curricular programme in partnership with the RSPB and BBC Two's Winterwwatch will allow Key Stage 2 pupils to experience the magic of nature in the winter from their classrooms and homes, and arm them with the necessary skills to go out and explore their local wildlife with the Big School Birdwatch.


Pupils will get a chance to pose questions to our Winterwatch experts in a live Q&A, and learn about how their birdwatching can help contribute to the preservation of bird species in the UK.

This Live Lesson will be supported by follow-up resources.


Can you spot these birds today?


Have a go at this quiz!


Reading Comprehension

You can find the sheet at the bottom of the page and mark your answers once you have completed it. 


Group Activities

Red Group- 3 star sheet

Yellow Group- 2 star sheet

Green Group- 2 star sheet

Blue Group- 1 star sheet

Purple Group- 1 star sheet.



  • Today’s Maths Learning

Week 2 Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) - Watch the video and complete the questions in your books. The worksheet will be at the bottom of the sheet. 


Keep in contact my email is send me pictures, your work or just for a chat!

Stay safe.


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx